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Getting back to the routine is difficult after a four day weekend, especially a weekend that involves so much eating. Luckily, we’ve got some stellar new pop tracks to help you find the motivation you need to get through another week of work.

These 10 tracks from artists like Rina Mushonga, Allie X, Years & Years and Galantis and Mura Masa and many more will give you energy to face the week. Insert one of these gems into your personal playlists – or scroll to the end of the post for a personalized playlist of 10.

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Mura Masa

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Pure Shores, “Return on my love”

Marlene and Ji Nilsson carved out a solo career in Stockholm before forming the duo Pure Shores, and the new single “Back On My Love” more than justifies the project as it begins to come to life. Wonderful in its clean, Scandinavian sad-pop splendor, “Back On My Love” sounds both defeated and absolutely radiant, with a pair of pros waving towards the dance floor as they’ve done several times before. – Jason Lipshutz

Rina Mushonga, “Everything = Personal”

After releasing one of the most impressive feature films of 2019, In a Galaxy, Rina Mushonga closes 2021 with another demonstration of her eclectic kitchen sink approach to building melodies and vocal harmonies. “Everything = Personal” has enough hooks to feed into five different songs if it had to be broken into pieces; instead, Mushonga happily overloads those three minutes. – Lipshutz

Kali Claire, “real man”

With his latest mixtape, A world of menSouth London singer-songwriter Kali Claire establishes herself as a charismatic and quick-witted pop voice. The highlight of the “Real Man” project gives him the opportunity to express his desire for adult romance on a deceptively simple and elastic pace. – Lipshutz

Mura Masa, “2gether”

Electronic music producer and musician Mura Masa returned last week with the chilling new song “2gether”, which he wrote, produced and performed on his own. Throughout the thoughtful, lo-fi song – the artist’s first new release since her second album of 2020 – Mura Masa wonders why he can’t make it work with whatever he wants while he is. repeatedly asks aloud, “Why can’t we be together?” – Lyndsey Havens

Jack Kays and Travis Barker, “Outrun Myself”

Moody, piano-led “Outrun Myself” is the first single from the emerging alternative artist’s upcoming collaborative EP with Travis Barker, My favorite nightmares (Dec 10). Considering Barker’s involvement, the track of course turns into a sonic eruption towards the end of his two-minute run – the change highlights the main theme of the project, duality, with Kays saying, “Sometimes, with mental illness there can be two sides of a person, and I really want to shed some light on that and help people feel better if they go through this for themselves. – paradises

Allie X, “Milk”

Canadian indie-pop artist Allie X recently released the luxury of her February 2020 album Cape God, which includes the captivating and airy track “Milk” about the desire for unconditional love and what it feels like to her – from cotton nightgowns to hot baths after dinner. – paradises

Sevdaliza, “The conception of the great hope”

Sevdaliza returns after the 2020s Shabarang, this time reflecting an existential crisis in his latest offering, “The Great Hope Design”. Resting on a bed of sinister video game-like synth instruments, the singer struggles with her own humanity (“Am I alive / I’m not sure / My existence / Is a chore”), but believes that a higher power is meant to explain what it all means. Bewitching and enigmatic, Sevdaliza continues to do what she does best – go into the depths of her psyche, extracting the most interesting material. – Starr Bowenbank

Kota the friend, “grateful”

On a soft bluesy guitar riff reminiscent of the sunnier passages of Frank Ocean’s Orange Channel, Kota the Friend spins a heartfelt ode to gratitude on “Grateful”. But while most artists count only their blessings, the Brooklyn rapper / singer gives up for the roadblocks and disappointments on top of life’s victories: “Thanks for the setbacks on the way / Thanks for the stories that they invented. ” – Joe Lynch

Years & Years and Galantis, “Sweet Talker”

The Swedish and British dance worlds come together beautifully on Years & Years and Galantis’ Sweet Talker, taken from the debut’s forthcoming album. Night call. Romantic and glorious dancefloor anthem, “Sweet Talker” finds Olly Alexander searching for a dream boat he won’t soon forget as lush disco blossoms cover her sultry, sore croon. – Lynch

Saint Etienne, “His winter coat”

The best things often come in small packages, and that’s certainly true in the case of His winter coat, Saint Etienne’s new EP. An unexpected gift from the longtime alternative dance group, the lead song “Her Winter Coat” is a beautiful lyric song that bridges the gap between synthpop and delicate British folk. – Lynch


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