10 Hong Kong hip-hop musicians and rappers to listen to in 2022

If anything thrives in Hong Kong, Y2K22, it’s music. And lately, the local hip-hop scene is attracting more and more admirers, and more importantly, more rising stars who have their unique sound to bring to the table. To help you with your Spotify playlists, we present 10 local hip-hop musicians to watch – if you’re not already a fan.

Like all forms of expressive art, people are looking for different things than hip-hop. Some are picky about beats and lyrics, some want to immerse themselves in a bubble of emotions, some are just happy to bob their heads to fiery beats. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone in our list of 10 Hong Kong hip-hop musicians.

Yeah, yeah, before the hate mail poured into my inbox – they’re all male artists. It turns out that hip-hop is something that boys tend to gravitate towards a bit more. Girls, if you’re sitting on your unreleased tracks thinking about your next step, remember: representation matters and the Hong Kong hip-hop scene welcomes you with open arms.

10 Hong Kong hip-hop musicians to know in 2022

Tyson Yoshi

Tyson Yoshi is the misunderstood not bad boy of Hong Kong hip-hop who needs no introduction. Over a xylophonic backing beat, Tyson Yoshi clarifies public perception and showcases his artistic disposition in the music video for his latest single, “I don’t smoke and I don’t drink.”

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No one gets poetic about a broken heart more eloquently than TIAB (short for “To Infinity and Beyond”). Under the guise of decadent instrumentals, TIAB opens up old wounds inflicted by love only for its anguished confessions to register as aphonic cries of release.

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Young Hysane

Meet Young Hysan, one of the most recognizable voices in today’s hip-hop scene, whose distinctive voice is somehow overshadowed by his well-constructed verses.

Casting dark melodies over distorted trappings, Young Hysan lets us into his world of pessimistic musings while keeping the party on.

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With a penchant for vividly portraying the side effects of being in love – namely endless daydreams, relentless spurts and feelings of eternal longing – ProdiG is the certified love boy of the city’s hip-hop scene. Watch out, because this blushing bard is on a quest to steal your heart with her sweet, honeyed words.

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Traditional instrumentals, 70s jazz-hop and new-age meditative chimes – Japanese music’s generational primes find their respective spotlights in YoungQueenz’s repertoire.

Despite his ever-evolving style, one element remains unchanged: YoungQueenz’ quintessential, piercing metal voice.

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Blending effortlessly into YPU Z and YPU ROSE’s R&B ballad “Say Yes,” SHINGBOY’s heartfelt “下世見 (See You Next Life)” and more, ANGO demonstrates talent and range. indisputable.

With the first track “目擊 (Witness)” as the official introduction to Hong Kong audiences, ANGO reveals its true colors as a striking blend of trap beat affinity and towering confidence.

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TXMIYAMA may be a Canadian-born “Jap-Boy,” but that doesn’t stop him from being the voice of anger on behalf of his fellow Hong Kong people.

With videos that range from showcasing the streets of Hong Kong to the golden age of the city’s film industry, TXMIYAMA spits the truth about society’s instability and inequity – to some of the most more doping than 852.

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novel friday

Sampling familiar sound effects on lo-fi mixing heads, Novel Friday’s waves of feathery melodies lull us in nostalgia. The perfect anthems for downtime, the artist’s discography creates peaceful soundscapes through its lilting, almost cooing delivery.

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Light and tender, the acoustic universe of Triple G feels like a picnic on a sunny afternoon – soft rays of sunshine caress your skin and hair as you relax in a daybed of green grass. If lo-fi had a cousin who was always ready to dance, it would be Triple G.

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So what

So, what is the melancholy voice that whispers to you at midnight; the nihilistic lament mourning the little dramas of everyday life.

From “Light On” to “低調系 (The Low-key Type)”, SoWhat uses laid-back instrumentals, early rhymes, and poetic language as building blocks for its multi-dimensional storytelling.

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