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Musicians lead extraordinary lives filled with experiences that most people can only dream of happening to them. They travel the world, fill concert halls and auditoriums with adoring fans, party with actors and other famous people, and often have immeasurable wealth. Not only is there an interest in their music, but there is also an interest in their life.

One of the best ways to discover musicians is through filmmakers who are as fascinated by them as everyone else. These artists turn their lens to the musicians who captivate audiences and bring their stories to life. The filmmakers focus on the musicians’ journeys to fame, the relationships they forged and destroyed, their loves and their stories.

Stacker reviewed the top-rated documentaries on Metacritic and ranked the top 25 music documentaries on the list. Initial links are broken by IMDb user rating, and further links are broken by review count on Metacritic. To be eligible, the film must be about musicians or music groups.

There are stories of female musicians breaking through the glass ceiling in electronic music and jazz instrumentation. Another story takes the audience on tour as a train travels with some of the greatest musicians. These films are uplifting, informative, entertaining, inspiring and tragic. Each reminds us of how extraordinary these musicians are and how they have influenced our lives.

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