5 international musicians to discover according to your favorite genre

Expanding my musical tastes beyond America’s borders is a decision I will never regret. Because traveling has become nearly impossible due to the pandemic, I have found that listening to music from other countries and cultures is the perfect way to explore the world from the comfort of my own home. Here are five international music recommendations if you’re desperate to get away from the country through the magic of music.

If you like the pop chamber, check out Videoclub

If you’re looking for dreamy tunes that easily make you romanticize your less than exciting life, Videoclub has the perfect debut album for you. This young French duo is perfect for Clairo fans or other indie-pop music lovers. The duo’s music will make you feel like you are growing up in the streets of Paris with their sweet but catchy songs. Prepare to escape to an ideal world once you let the music from the Videoclub fill your room.

If you like relaxing R&B, check out DPR Live

Coming from South Korea, DPR Live has the coolest music for all occasions. Whether you are studying, going out with friends, or craving a secret person, the music on DPR Live will surely put you in a good mood. His music is the definition of good vibes that will make you want more.

If you like atmospheric electronic music, check out Molina

Dano-Chilean composer and singer Molina, who is now based in Copenhagen, will transport you not only out of this country but out of this world with her ethereal synths and soft voice. Fans of artists such as Grimes will fully appreciate the unique sound accompanied by the psychedelic instrumentals.

If you like folk music, go see Ichiko Aoba

Listening to Japanese singer-songwriter Ichiko Aoba, you might imagine yourself walking down an alley of cherry blossoms because of its beautiful and sweet sound. Aoba’s music will put you in a state of peace and quiet that will keep you calm, cool and serene all day long. From the heavenly acoustics to the voice that makes your back shiver, you’ll feel compelled to be one with nature once you listen to this artist.

If you like alternative rap, check out Tkay Maidza

Tkay Maidza is a rapper that you absolutely must keep an eye on. Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Australia, Tkay’s music is innovative and no two songs are alike. She is one of the most versatile artists as she merges many genres to create her own style of rap. That being said, if you’re a fan of rappers like Tyler, the Creator, or want a discography full of surprises, Tkay Maidza is definitely your girl.

Once you start exploring music from all over the world, you will realize just how much talent and artistry there is. Hope these few artists will give you a good start to experience multicultural music and visit different countries through powerful music.

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