50 Cent on former G-Unit artists whose careers never took off

During a recent appearance on Houston’s 97.9 The box50 Cent opened up about his role at the helm of G-Unit Records, which spearheaded the careers of top rappers such as Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo.

When asked if he’s been criticized by some artists for their career failures, Fif took the blame.

“Yeah, I get that all the time,” he explained at 7:40 p.m. of the interview. “What’s sick is when you’re in the seat, the driver’s seat, a lot of times, no, every time something goes wrong, it’s your fault. If you ask artists why their careers didn’t turn out the way they wanted, it’s [fault of the] record company. Do you see what I’m saying?

50 continued, “I became the label; so all these artists who were there who didn’t do exactly what they thought they were supposed to do, it’s my fault that it’s not. They give it to me individually now, like it wasn’t the company, it was him.

The hip-hop mogul went on to cite OT Genasis’ career arc, specifically how the Atlanta rapper exploded after leaving G-Unit.

“I got it for a record,” 50 said. “After that record didn’t work out, he went to make a hit record… That’s why me and him have the best relationship ever. . Because he was let go to do this. And he went and made that hit and he made his money.

50 concluded, “Other people are upset because they felt like they could have done it, ‘if you had done it for me.’ So it’s your fault you didn’t do it for me. I can’t force people to buy records.

Watch the full conversation of 50 with 97.9 The box up there.

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