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50 cent updates: Good news for all aspiring hip-hop around the world. As a well-known hip-hopper, Jackson of rap and the Mogul Curtis movie “50 Cents” plans to present a new TV series for talented new aspiring hip-hop in which they can all compete with each other as well as ‘with the best hip-hoppers. to take first place.

According to reports, the Unwrapped show is currently in a prototype development phase with ABC and is simultaneously produced by the 50-cent television and movie organization G-unit. In addition, the first three also help the team to do, these three are:

1. Susie Ursitti Sheinberg
2. Gwen Osborne
3. Matt Feige

What 50 cents shared?

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In fact, Unwrapped is totally hip-hop: an American idol-format show, where it features various prominent celebrities as well as iconic super-coached hip hop mentors. will be a king or queen is not beautifully crowned.

Currently, there is no other information on what the winner (s) will receive and which cast they will be shortlisted for.

As we are all used to their gangster drama shows, but this time they come back with the concept of reality show, even Jackson also launched his first reality show in 2013 and brought the series to the public. reality TV.

“DREAM SCHOOL” premiered on Sundance TV.

On the flip side, in fact, ABC is giving Netflix good competition while continuing the Wrapped series, where the streamer has ordered its own second season in the Rhythm + flow format and will present
# Carbi B
# Chance the rapper
# Advice

as a jury where they will announce and search for a new hip-hop star. Now we all have to wait for these shows to get on the platform and enjoy the relaxation of our busy schedules.

And welcome new stars who can be a great influencer in the future and a great artist, musician, rapper.

Stay tuned for more news !!


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