A Look at Redstripedown’s Live Modular Synth

Cory Sterling, better known as RedStripeDown, is a Chicago-based electronic music producer and sound designer. After studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Cory moved to New York, where he fell in love with electronic music gear and Eurorack modular synthesizers. His discovery of the modular synthesizer led to a slew of regular video posts on social media, and he was eventually recognized as one of the early innovators of the fledgling Eurorack community.

In addition to using his modular platform, Cory also uses standalone drum machines, samplers and synths to create delicate rhythms and melodies with evolving grooves and textures. He now teaches synthesis, performs frequently in the Chicago area, and undertakes various sound design projects.

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We hosted Cory at the Reverb studio to discuss some of the modules that make up his live performance rig, including offerings from Make Noise, Qu-Bit Electronix, Instruo, Elektron, and more. He also shares one of his rack’s secret spices: a random portal generator that’s getting rarer every day.

Be sure to watch the full video interview above to hear Cory explain his live rig in action, and click the banner below to see performance rigs from other artists from our Patchwork series.

Beginner’s Guide to Eurorack

Case Bases, Power Supplies, and Your First Modules

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