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A new venue, ARSENAL XXII, has opened in Kiev.

The venue is located in an industrial complex and aims to offer a range of multidisciplinary events. Music, parties, conferences and exhibitions will take place on the site.

“The vision of the project as a cultural forge arose from the historical context of the building, as it was a weapons forge in the past. The team behind ARSENAL XXII said so.

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They continued: “The 22nd workshop at the Arsenal factory made just about everything for 250 years – from military equipment to optical lenses and cameras. Our team decided to pursue the historical purpose of these walls and thus we created a new forge – a place where a cultural product will be created facing the Ukrainian electronic music scene and its talented representatives.

Evenings are planned every Friday with acid, electro, techno and more electronic music.

“We want ARSENAL XXII to become a place where guests will always dance with pleasure, whether or not they know the artist’s work,” says the art center team.

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The venue has its own bar, called the Vognyk, which plays disco and house music – dubbed the “Wonderful People Bar”.

Guests will be asked not to film or take photos inside the venue when entering.

To learn more about ARSENAL XXII, subscribe to the telegram channel here. Watch a trailer for the location below.

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