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There have been few success stories in dance music like RÃœFÃœS DU SOL over the past five years. The Australian trio have grown from a very popular group in Australia to now one that makes festival headlines around the world and can sell out nights in small stadiums. Things really started to go up with their album in early 2016 flowering, which then saw them spinning furiously across the world. Then COMFORT arrived in 2018, propelling them to bigger shows. Now almost exactly three years since COMFORT, they released their fourth album Abandonment.

COMFORT added bigger, bolder and sometimes darker songs to his discography. It was as if the time spent on the road, seeing which tracks elicit the biggest reactions, was internalized and channeled into their music. He told of lost love and grief as they passed through the various stages of mourning that was linked to it.

Abandonment does not stray too far from this theme (difficult time in the crew it seems). Singer Tyrone Lindqvist exclaims that he is “on his knees again” with in “On My Knees”, before then realizing on the ballad “Wildfire” that whoever breaks his heart is hot and will do what he wants. wants with electric guitar keys.

Sonically, there are some similarities with COMFORT. It captures the dark, brooding side of their work with punchy house beats underneath over many songs to provide dancing heartbreaking hymns.

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“I Don’t Want To Leave” changes things up with shaky drums and rowdy synths that you’d like. The track has all the makings of a new, closer set (although “Innerbloom” probably still reigns supreme) as Tyrone Lindqvist exclaims “I don’t want to go now, stay with me for one more night.”

Some of the previous singles like “Alive” give the project the punch it needs. It is not all gloomy and thematically gloomy. The title track “Surrender” is one of the brightest of the group as it harmonizes with Curtis Harding and a children’s choir with a kind of slow drop and closed eyes that one might hear from a remix of their songs.

There is a tradition that their albums end on a long, slow track. There will be no other “Innerbloom”, but they carry this ideal in Abandonment with “Always”, another gentle and progressive burner.

RÃœFÃœS DU SOL once again delivers the goods to its fans with Abandonment. There are the bright, soaring, and joyful moments that explode from the speakers, in addition to the heartbeats and stifling beats that underlie much of the record. They have mastered the live feeling of progressive, melodic and dancefloor electronic music. It will be great to hear all of these songs live when they add more energy to their songs. Get your copy of the album here.


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