All the good shows at the State Fair this year are free

We’re trying something new with our weekly gig roundup: recommendations! (OK, new for us.) This week, the State Fair obviously dominates, but there’s plenty to do outside of the fairgrounds as well.

Tuesday August 23

International Reggae Allstars @ Bunkers

Coco Montoya and Ronnie Baker Brooks @ Dakota

Saint Dominic Trio @ Driftwood

  • Bellows + Nat Harvie + The Nunnery @ Icehouse
    COVID basically turned all music into chamber pop, but Oliver Kalb was ahead of the game, and on his latest, next of kin, he sings like a sunnier Elliott Smith, with not too bare arrangements that never encroach on intimacy. Likewise, Duluth’s Nat Harvie nimbly walks the fine line between small scale and taste boost on his latest, married in song. To complete the poster, the convent (alias Sarah Elstran), whose floating gardens is more ornate and lush than your typical ambient release, and all the more engaging for it.

Pkew Pkew Pkew with Loss Leader and The Right Here @ 7th St Entry

August Conspiracy Series featuring Johnny Sincerely’s Traveling Blues Orchestra, the Good Time Gals @ 331 Club

Worker Playtime, Pop Wagner @ 331 Club

The Gefroh brothers @ Water Works concert

Trevor McSpadden and Mary Cutrufello @ White Squirrel

Nate and Hannah (Tuesday Residency) @ White Squirrel

Wednesday August 24

Ken Carson, Destroy Lonely, Lil 88 @ Amsterdam

Hannah von der Hoff (August Residency) with Maya Elena @ Aster Cafe

Dylan Safer @ Bunkers

Jearlyn and Fred Steele @ Dakota

Vic Volare Anyswing party closer to Indigo @ Driftwood

The Veld + the Muatas + Selectrra @ Icehouse

Mommy Log Balls, Tang and the Tabs, Everyday Trebles, Cannabis Kiss @ Mortimer’s

Futurebirds with Anima @ 7th St Entry

KFAI House Party Presents Chemistry Set at 331 Club

St. Anthony Mann, Arlo Cristofaro @ 331 Club

Jhariah @ The Treasury

  • Seratones with Jackie Kean @ Turf Club
    With Love and Algorithms, these soulful Louisianans found the happy medium between the dreamy yet driven R&B they were looking for. The beats and textures are immersive, but singer AJ Haynes is the reason to listen – she adapts to hard electro-funk or spaced out jams without ever sounding like anything less than herself.

DL4 with Cole Diamond Trio @ White Squirrel

Thursday August 25

  • Leon Bridges @ Armory
    This Texas R&B revivalist is always best when he balances his retro leanings with a modern flare. (Even better when he’s out of his element, like during his collaborations with psychedelic rockers Lone Star Khruangbin.) So his final look back, Sound of gold diggers, kinda misses the interest of the idols he imitates – the old guys had songs, not just sound. But he has the style and vocal qualities to spend a sweet, swooning night in the old war shed.

Hyooman + the key kids @ Aster Cafe

Jay Bee and the Routine @ Bunkers

Deicide with kataklysm and inhuman condition @ Cabooze

Greg Herriges @ The Commons

Ginger Commodore @ Crooners

Zacc Harris Presents: The Music of Pat Martino @ Crooners

Boogie Armchair @ Dakota

Peal and Friends @ Driftwood

Alice In Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Bush, The LIFE Project @ Grandstand, Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota Musicians @ Hook and Ladder Concert Series

Bethany Larson and The Bee’s Knees with Faith Boblett @ Icehouse

The good, the bad and the funky @ International Bazaar Stage, Minnesota State Fair

Papa Bleu @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Eddie Montgomery @ Leinie Lodge Bandshell Stage, Minnesota State Fair

OWTH @ Mortimer’s

B & the Sting @ Minnehaha Park

The Front Porch Swingin’ Liquor Pigs @ Palmer’s

Jordan Gressman with Joey Mayer & Paytonn, Bridgewrld and GetUpDJ! @ Cash

Minneapolis Songwriter Tours: Pat Keen, Arlo Cristofaro, Dexter Wolfe, Hemma @ 331 Club

Parker Millsap with Laura Hugo @ Turf Club

Brenda’s Birthday Party @ White Squirrel

friday august 26

Alpha Wolf with Bodysnatcher, Vatican and Contrition @ Amsterdam

Senor Blues + Jennifer Skilar @ Aster Café

Dylan Safer @ Bunkers

  • Martina McBride at Canterbury Park
    McBride is such an unprepossessing star that you can forget she’s amassed as solid a catalog as any ’90s country singer. “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” the comically exasperated “Teenage Daughters” — it’s quite the spectrum, and all true to life. Life isn’t all trucks and clichés about small-town life, after all.

Lamont Cranston @ Crooners

From Paris to Rome with Chronofon @ Crooners

Tom Hunter Band @ Crooners

  • Kamasi Washington @ Dakota
    The brawny tenor saxophonist and expansive bandleader, who more often extends the reach of new jazz to unfamiliar audiences via rock clubs and festival dates, takes over the Dakota with his 10-piece band for the weekend. end. In the seven years since the three plus hours Epic open ears, Washington has worked with collaborators in hip-hop and electronic music, playing a key role in Kendrick Lamar Pimp a butterfly. Hearing his band go wild in a small jazz club should really be something.

Elvis Costello Party, Saint Small @ Driftwood

Friday I’m in Love – A New Wave Dance Party @ Dusty’s

IDKHOW and Joywave @ Fillmore

Dirty Honey with Mac Saturn @ Fine Line

Airship Caravan with Lost Evidence, Fix the Glitch and Bookowski @ The Garage

Counting Crows, Wallflowers @ Grandstand, Minnesota State Fair

Wandering Gray Duck @ Icehouse

  • Freaque + Sara Elizabeth + Lydia Liza @ Cooler
    As Freaque, Gabriel Rodreick creates a genre of folk that is sometimes frightening, always alive, never dark. His latest EP, victim of a rose, is a great place to get to know him. And the two sharp singer-songwriters with two first names that open are absolutely worth being on time.

The good, the bad and the funky @ International Bazaar Stage, Minnesota State Fair

Tina, DJ Shannon Blowtorch @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Eddie Montgomery @ Leinie Lodge Bandshell Stage, Minnesota State Fair

Dr. Ozi @ The Loft

Maria and the Parts @ Minnehaha Park

All Pretty Horses, Stardust @ Palmer’s Collective

Lady Heat Presents ~ “All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go But Palmer’s!” @ Palmer’s

Durry @ Schell’s Stage Schilling Amphitheater, Minnesota State Fair

Monica Martin with Jake Sherman @ 7th St Entry

Nate Mills & Kashi @ Studio B

Mechanical Orchestra of Colonel Mustard, The Real Chuck NORAD @ 331 Club

The Local Garden Showcase @ The Treasury

Hazelcreak, Waldemar and St. Anthony Mann @ Turf Club

Cariah Brinaé @ Uptown VFW

Carpenter Brut with Sierra @ Varsity Theater

Jung Yeller with Malamiko & Getting By @ White Squirrel

Saturday August 27

Mustang 87 @ Aster Cafe

International Reggae Allstars @ Bunkers

Maud Hixson @ Crooners

Jamecia Bennett @ Crooners

Erin Schwab and Jay Fuchs @ Crooners

Kamasi Washington @ Dakota

Powderfinger: Tribute to Neil Young @ Driftwood

The Supper Club Collective in the Green Booth @ Duffy’s

Portugal. The Man, Manchester Orchestra, Bad Bad Hats @ Grandstand, Minnesota State Fair

Mae Simpson Music @ Hook and Ladder

Cornbread Harris Set @ Cooler

Kavyesh Kaviraj Threesome @ Cooler

Belfast Cowboys @ International Bazaar Stage, Minnesota State Fair

The Percheron with Imminent Standards Trio @ KJ’s Hideaway

Dred I Dred @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

  • Caitlyn Smith @ Leinie Lodge Bandshell, Minnesota State Fair
    After trying out Nashville, this Cannon Falls-born country singer-songwriter returns to us. Barely defeated, she’s written for some of the best (and also Meghan Trainor) and continues to do business on Music Row. But her performing career is now centered around her home country, and this gig at the State Fair should be a nice kind of homecoming.

SFAM X UM.. @ The Loft

Pure Shifter, The Lucid Furs, Silt, Wannabianca @ Mortimer’s

St. Paul & The Broken Bones with Wyatt Waddell @ Palace Theater

The Right Here, Honey Dick, the Valors and Butter Boys @ Palmer’s

The Nitty Gritty with DJs Brian Engel and Blue Funk @ Palmer’s

  • Honeybutter @ Schell’s State at the Schilling Amphitheater, Minnesota State Fair
    Aw, indie kids are discovering bossa nova again – does that old Cardigans fan heartily hear the lighter side of resurrected lounge-revivalism. This local trio bounces and is imbued with a sparkling charm marked by sharp arrangements and the warm and luminous voice of Clara Wicklund. Nothing wrong with a little elegance, you punks. Check them here.
  • Early Eyes, DNM, Products and Butter Boys @ 7th St Entry
    Local musical programming of the week? On their latest album, Look alive!, synth-pop adventurers Early Eyes are still drawing inspiration from the sound of Minneapolis and various new wave trends, but playfully rooting themselves in a sonic toybox where too many retro poppers are simply proud of. their recreations. You also get DNM (pronounced Denim), which is DeCarlo Jackson from Hippo Campus and a few buddies working in a poppy synth-folk vein, ace post-punks Products and Butter Boys, which I think we’ll hear a lot more from.

UH2BT @ Studio B

Jarad Miles and the Ancient Waves (Album Release), Little Fevers @ 331 Club

The Return of the Transmission @ Uptown VFW

Jeremy’s Birthday Party with Dead Eye Haze and King Jeremy the Wicked @ White Squirrel

Sunday August 28

Solar Fake with Whorticulture and Absynthe Of Faith @ Amsterdam

Swing brunch with Patty and the Buttons @ Aster Cafe

Joyann Parker @ Crooners

Lori Dokken @ Crooners

Crystal Bowersox @ Dakota

Super Duty, Shotgun Ragtime @ Driftwood

Matt Nathanson @Fillmore

Brett Studer @ Grenada

Pitbull, Iggy Azalea @ Grandstand, Minnesota State Fair

Amanda Standalone @ Cooler

Sarah Walk @ Cooler

Colores: A Service Industry Dance Party @ Icehouse

Belfast Cowboys @ International Bazaar Stage, Minnesota State Fair

Westwind Swing Band @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

KGB (Kendra Glenn Band) @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Caitlyn Smith @ Leinie Lodge Bandshell

Cornbread Harris: Church of Cornbread @ Palmer’s

The Sapsuckers @ Palmer’s

Honeybutter @ Schell’s State at the Schilling Amphitheater, Minnesota State Fair

  • BLK ODYSSY with Eimaral Sol @ 7th St Entry
    Sam Houston and his crew explore the thicker, more woozier side of funk and soul on their latest, BLK Vintage— think of Funkadelic, not of Parliament. It’s head-turning, with a fullness you can feel even over tiny laptop speakers. Live, it will undoubtedly engulf you.

Cults with Reptalians @ Turf Club

Pat Donahue @ 331 Club

Carlaoke @ white squirrel

monday august 29

Dr. Mambo @ Bunkers Combo

The Beatles: Six Strings, Many Visions @ Dakota

The Beach Boys and the Temptations with Tower of Power @ Grandstand, Minnesota State Fair

The Bellwether @ Hook and Ladder Syndicate

Residence Zones by Nelson Devereux @ Icehouse

Gypsy @ International Bazaar Stage, Minnesota State Fair

Atomic Beat @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

DSL: Dire Straits Legacy @ Leinie Lodge Bandshell

Telekinetic Yeti with White Hills and Thunderbolt Pagoda @ 7th St Entry

Erik Brandt and Urban Hillbilly Quartet @ 331 Club

The Roe Family Singers @ 331 Club

Matt Arthur Contraction @ 331 Club

Chef Sounds (DJ Party) @ White Squirrel

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