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How was the bond with Tyla Yaweh on “DENY”? How did it happen?

It was good. It was fun, he’s a great guy. “DENY” is one of my favorite studio sessions I have ever had. We offered this song to several different artists. I’ve always been a fan of Tyla Yaweh, Post Malone and all that band. They are doing so well in the music industry. With his songs in particular, this sorrow, this mood that he can have naturally. It would be perfect for that. We sent it to him, he fell in love with the track. Of course, we built that vibe. Now we sometimes play Call of Duty. He’s a great guy.

I know Tyla’s parties. The craziest memory of this video shoot?

(laughs) It was a 2 day shoot, we got this house outside of Vancouver. This mansion, we must have slept there at night. It was everyone on the team, you meet these faces for the first time. On set everyone has their masks like “Oh, this is business mode”, but really during the night we had to relax. I really enjoyed these moments because I got to know the director better. I got to know DP better so I really enjoyed it.

What turns you on the most Dusk to dawn go out?

People really understand who Corbin is as much as Boslen. On this album more than anything, I was the most vulnerable I have ever been on a project. I really took risks and really took my time. With this project a year from now, that was one of our main goals for me and I’m just saying: to make it a timeless piece. It can be a cinematic experience that anyone can resonate with. You may have a song that you can sit down and think about, but the next song you can rage on like in a festival or on a stage. I’m really excited that people are discovering the world of Dusk to dawn and really see what I worked on last year.

Which songs mean the most to you and why would you say?

Probably the outro. An average listener, a lot of people aren’t going to listen to the outro because it’s a 3 minute song and it’s a change of pace. This song really represents the most album for me. It’s called DAWN because it’s a bright side and a dark side and that’s how we built this album. From light and dark, vulnerability and empowerment.

Really, the reason I resonate so much with this is because it taps into some shadow theory. When we developed the concept for this album, we leaned on a philosopher named Carl Jung and his idea of ​​what a shadow theory is – like in projecting your vulnerability or envy onto another person. I’m really excited for this song and “FORSAKEN” too. We have a song there with Vory, I’m really excited people are hearing it.

How did this collaboration with Vory come about?

He’s a great guy. I did the song that day. I contacted him because my friend showed me the song “You Got It” and I fell in love with it. I sent him a DM and said “Yo, I love your sound, I love everything you do.” He came back to me, we built a conversation. I sent him this song, I asked him if he would jump on it and he said “yeah”. We built it from there.

3 things you need in the studio all the time?

A water, I need speakers, and I need it to be black. Pitch black, to vibrate. I’m so used to recording in the dark, so these few necessities.

What goals do you have for yourself?

My main goal is to play for Vancouver. There is so much talent here, so many children that there is bound to be an opportunity for one of them. I’m not saying I’m going to be the one to do it, but I know how badly I want it. That’s my main focus, to put on for the kids here and really bring the city to light.


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