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Karlie Red has been candid about his relationships on love and hip hop for years, but what do you know about the reality TV star who burst onto the scene with eye-catching fashions, viral tunes and jaw-dropping reveals?

Eager to know more about the actress and recording artist, who recently topped the charts with her new dancehall single “Werk” featuring Spice up and Capella Graywe set up an appointment to discuss a wide range of lifestyle topics.

We’re happy to say that Karlie didn’t shy away from talking about fashion, beauty, self-love, and the biggest lessons she’s learned over the years. Keep scrolling to get to know Karlie Redd on a personal level.

On why his name is ‘Karlie Redd’

“One of the reasons my name is Karlie Redd is the red of the Trinidad flag.”

On how her island roots inspire her personal style

“I feel like my island roots inspire my fashion choices because, like most Caribbean people, I like to dress bold! We love bright, vibrant colors. Wigs and everything should match and coordinate .”

On her self-care routine

“Personal care is very, very important. This is my first time using real ingredients in my beauty routine, so you get real exclusivity. On Sundays, I do a whole skincare regimen. skin with honey. I love making a mango mask and putting it on my hair. When you use real ingredients and not imitation stuff, it really grows so well.

The only food she’s never tried before

“I’ve never had oatmeal in my life. I don’t even know what it tastes like. My friends are like ‘taste it’ and I’m like, I don’t know.”

Why she’s fasting before any major milestone in her life, like buying a house or signing a deal

“My mum is very, very spiritual and so is my family, so for me it’s a big deal. Whenever I’m about to do something big, like signing a deal, I’m totally focused. and I pray.

“I only eat fish. It all depends on what you put in your body. My mother always says, ‘The words that come out of your mouth, you eat them. What you put in your body, you eat.’

“You have to watch what you eat. It’s the same thing.”

On the importance of self-love

“When you go through a bad breakup – I’ve been through many and you’ve seen it all unfold – you learn a lot about the importance of self-love.

“Self-love isn’t just about taking care of yourself, it’s also about giving back to your community. Once a month, I take inner-city youth to a restaurant in collaboration with Pants up, arms down in Atlanta, and I teach them dining etiquette. We always have a good time!”

When she feels the sexiest

“When I get my hair done, my makeup done, my nails done and I put on something really cute. I like going to a nice restaurant and being confident in what I’m wearing and what I’m doing. I think my gender is the calling has a lot to do with trust!”

The advice she would give to her young self

“My mom took me in because she’s so spiritual, so as soon as I was able to get out, I was like, ‘Whoa, yes!’ So I would definitely tell my younger self not to hang out with the bad crowd. I would have liked to concentrate more because I will be so far away.

Why she invests in herself

“As a businesswoman, I think it’s so important to invest in yourself because no one is going to work harder than you. No one else is going to motivate you more than you. No one else is going to grind for yours more than you.

“Invest in yourself. Put that money back in yourself. You’re going to work hard because it’s yours.”

The biggest lesson she learned about building a brand

“In creating my brand, the biggest lesson I learned was to build a good team around you. If you don’t have a good team and they don’t understand your brand, you’re in trouble. “

His greatest hidden talent

“Growing up, my mom put me through music, arts and performance school. I went to Alvin Ailey and another music and performing arts school in Trinidad. learned a lot of ethnic dancing and jazz dancing and things like that.

I’m more of a professional dancer, so when it came to hip hop, I was like, “Oh shit.” When it came to twerking, I was like, “Oh, God.”

How She Felt Ranking #1 on iTunes

“It was just like fuck, Karlie! Like everything you work so hard for, everything people said you couldn’t do, you did. Yeah, it took me longer than Yes, it took me longer than everyone else, but at least I can say before I left this earth, I did everything I said I would do.

“I used my own money to pay producers and pay for studio time. It took me forever, but I didn’t stop. I just kept making music. I’m your testimony living.

“You are going to experience many setbacks and failures, but you can’t give up on your dreams! It can be so daunting, but let me tell you something, what’s for you is for you!”


Editor’s Note: This story/interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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