Angela Perley pursues her solo musical career


Independent artist Angela Perley released her new song, “Here For You” on September 30, which is available on all music streaming platforms. Credit: Sophie Yates | Journalist Lantern

Columbus native and independent artist Angela Perley said the city welcomed her unique musical style with open arms.

Perley released his new song, “Here For You,” on September 30, which is available on all music streaming platforms. After spending the last decade pursuing a career in music, Perley said she wanted to continue to grow artistically and that Columbus was a great place for her.

“I kind of grew up with [Columbus]”Said Perley.” I feel like people have supported me through all of these different stages of my career, so it’s a good place to continue to develop as an artist. “

According to her website, Perley initially launched her career in 2009, leading the band Angela Perley and the Howlin ‘Moons and released the albums “Hey Kid” in 2014 and “Homemade Vision” in 2016. Perley said he released his first solo album , “4:30,” in 2019, which had a more personal touch than his previous work.

Perley said the transition to working solo has made it harder to know where his career is headed, but also allowed more creative freedom.

“I make more calls artistically,” said Perley. “It’s really tough because you’re putting all the pressure on yourself and there’s no specific roadmap for anyone’s career and music, so it’s an abstract thing.”

As a local artist, Perley said she has a special connection to her audience and has developed more personal relationships with fans she sees often.

“We all grow up together in different experiences, and it’s a positive side of being a kind of smaller artist, is that you really like connecting with people and you can’t escape it,” he said. said Perley. “You develop these super cool friendships with people, so it’s been very special over the years.”

Bobby Cleveland, Perley’s publicist since the release of his 2019 album, said it was a “real treat” to work with Perley.

“She’s very easy going and light-hearted and just incredibly professional in everything she does,” Cleveland said.

Cleveland said Perley’s music spills over into several genres, helping him stand out from other emerging artists.

“She mixes a lot of genres together and she’s able to address a large audience,” Cleveland said.

Blending indie-folk, soft rock and bluegrass, Perley’s music presents a fresh take on the Indie-American scene, Cleveland said.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to work with her and she has definitely proven herself in the indie-Americana crossover world,” Cleveland said.

Vintage soul singer Miracle Mathis, known by her stage name Miir, said she has known Perley since last summer and had a great deal of respect and admiration for her.

“I used to work at [Natalie’s Music Hall & Kitchen], and at the time, she was playing a lot there, so I started out as a fan, admiring her and watching her, ”Mathis said. “Then I met her and she was that angel.”

Mathis said she performed with Perley at his Land-Grant Brewing Company show on October 14, followed by her performance at Pelotonia Rock N ‘Wheels at Natalie’s Music Hall & Kitchen for James Cancer Hospital on October 15.

Mathis said Perley’s career is an inspiration to her, as a fellow artist.

“I really respect her and what she does, and I want to be able to do what she does someday – travel and just work on music,” Mathis said.

Although Perley’s music is difficult to describe due to the crossover between genres, Mathis summed it up as a calming angelic sound.

“I would describe his music as just very relaxing,” Mathis said. “I always describe her voice as being angelic, like the voice of an angel, because she is so delicate and sweet and she really speaks to your soul.”


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