August 11 is officially recognized as “Hip-Hop Celebration Day”


Hip-Hop culture can now be celebrated nationally. On July 29, the US Senate passed a bill that will recognize August 11 as “Hip-Hop Celebration Day”.

According to the Senate Periodicals Press Gallery, Senate Resolution 331, which is the official bill designated for “Hip-Hop Celebration Day,” and will mark the day that most hip-hop historians think it’s hip-hop’s birthday.

The bill created by the Senators has a correct hip-hop history as it includes the factual history of the birth of the genre.

The bill reads: “Whereas on August 11, 1973, at a Back To School Jam hosted by her sister Cindy Campbell and held at the Recreation Hall at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, New York, Clive DJ Kool Herc Campbell showcased his innovative style of disc jockey and, with the emcee engaging the crowd with rap on the mic as revelers known as B-boys and B-girls danced, introduced a new style. Later known as Hip Hop, which combined the elements of a disc jockey (commonly referred to as a DJ), an emcee (commonly referred to as an MC), music, art, fashion and dance.

Senate Resolution 331 also recognizes August as “Hip-Hop Recognition Month” and makes November “Hip-Hop History Month”.


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