Basketball star Pretty Tony becomes hip-hop legend


Getting people to recognize your talent in one area, let alone two, is hard enough. However, it’s not impossible, and Anthony Lezell Davis, Jr., or whom many recognize as Pretty Tony, is a testament to that. Before becoming a rising hip-hop star with tens of thousands in his fan base, he was a basketball player with a promising future.

At the age of 5, young Tony was exposed to basketball since his parents were athletes and coaches. They are also the ones who influenced and encouraged him to follow the same path. Besides basketball, Tony also played soccer and baseball, and he had shown promise in all of them.

Tony went to Shaw High School and joined the basketball team under his father’s guidance. Many saw his potential in sports, so it’s no wonder he was included in competitions. In 2014 and 2015, he won state championship titles and, in 2017, a state runner-up title. He followed the same path and attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a full basketball scholarship.

Tony didn’t neglect his studies and, in fact, he was among the best in his high school class. However, above all achievements in basketball and academics, his love for music prevailed. Tony knew how proud his parents were of his accomplishments so far, but he didn’t want to stop pursuing his true passion.

In the last semester of his junior year, Tony decided to tell the truth and tell his parents what he really wanted to pursue in the future. Hearing that being a basketball player wasn’t their ultimate dream came as a shock to them. However, they still supported Tony’s career choice.

Looking back, it was one of the biggest decisions he ever made, and it was the turning point of his life. Without this decision, he wouldn’t be the Pretty Tony that tens of thousands of people follow and listen to on YouTube and Spotify. He also wouldn’t know all the support he received from his fans on Twitter and Instagram.

His debut album, “Rich Tony”, was produced in collaboration with some of the most talented rappers in the hip-hop industry. For example, his songs, “3 Headed Goat”, “Daily Grind”, “I Want”, “It Cost” and “We Got It” featured CoKain, Kenny Muney, KjaayKashh, Peso Peso, Rizzoo Rizzoo and Walka Sauce. . During this time, he rapped solo for the rest of the album’s eight tracks.

Although relatively new to the industry, Pretty Tony steadily progresses to the top. Few people have accomplished as much as he has already, which shows that he has the potential to be the next generation hip-hop legend. Tony is only at the beginning of his journey, and in no time at all, his music will be making its way around the world.


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