Beatport and Arigami publish “Music connects us”

Beatport, the global leader in electronic music for DJs, producers and their fans, has announced the release of Music Connects Us, a groundbreaking report on electronic music and mental health developed in collaboration with Arigami, Silent mode and Association for Electronic Music (AFEM).

Music Connects Us: Mental Health & Electronic Music Report is a free report and resource that includes information from artists such as: Kaskade, Louisahhh, Scuba, Ben Rau, Sarah Story, Junior Sanchez, and Yousef. The report also features contributions from leading mental health researchers and experts including Dr Aida Vazin (AFEM), Tristan Hunt (AFEM), Ari Peralta (Arigami) and industry innovators Tom Middleton, George TakTak (How Mental), Belinda Matwali (Listen Up Therapy) and Bradley Dowding-Young (Silentmode).

In November 2020, Beatport hosted a special edition of its successful global streaming series, ReConnect, putting the topic of mental health at the center of the electronic music community’s scene by hosting a mix of DJ sessions with tables. expert educational rounds and live breathing sessions. . In parallel, Beatport developed a research survey with Arigami, AFEM and Silentmode to better understand the needs and struggles of artists in these unprecedented times. Artists from all over the world have been invited to participate and share their views on the impact of the pandemic on their lives.

Music continues to be the benchmark for our mental health needs. According to our research, 72% of those surveyed said that listening to music, doing fitness activities, or practicing meditation was their main support tool for staying mentally healthy.

“These are tough times for our industry. Now more than ever, taking care of ourselves – our minds, our well-being and the well-being of others – is truly vital,” said Robb McDaniels, CEO of Beatport . talked about topics in our industry for years, and it’s a global topic that should continue to be discussed and de-stigmatized. Everyone at Beatport takes this subject very seriously and will continue to give it visibility.

Music is the sound of our emotions. We can make our feelings air and find a way to tune in to another feeling. “Sometimes we may need some form of action or inaction (meditation or breathing) to facilitate emotional relief.” – said Dr Aida Vazin, registered psychotherapist, who is working with the US Senate on ways to develop scalable tools that meet mental health needs with music and therapy.

Electronic music is a great support in creating the right ambience for coping tools and can be considered a“ functional sound enhancement. ”Although meditation is a great practice, not everyone is the same. discipline to remain seated. We cannot give up. billions of people who need extra support! Music helps bring our racing thoughts back to our breathing, Music can help us sit with our discomfort and allow to the body to regulate itself through stillness and inaction. “- said Ari Peralta, founding partner of Arigami. At Arigami, we collaborate with conscious partners like Beatport and Silentmode to help end the diseases of despair.

Since 2014, global life expectancy has declined significantly. A major factor in this decline is called the “disease of despair”. This phenomenon shows the link between heightened hopelessness and depression, suicide / suicidal thoughts and alcohol / drug related illnesses. “Functional music can help shift the mind between work / focus and home / relax / sleep, to tighten the books and make the soundtrack of the day with sound that is mentally, physically and emotionally useful.” – said functional music and wellness pioneer and electronic artist Tom Middleton.

“Music is a powerful tool for feeling comfortable with stillness and confinement. Mastering self-awareness and emotional intelligence can help us feel secure in our bodies and become more present. Silentmode, we are committed to making supportive tools such as breathing accessible to everyone, including those who prefer to enter the zone with electronic music. ” – said Bradley-Dowding Young, CEO and Founder of Silentmode and Breathonics.

Learn more about our report, survey results and support tools at

Head to Beatport’s Tic or Youtube Monday July 12 at 5 p.m. CEST to watch a discussion on the relationship between ArI Peralta (Arigami), Dr. Aida Vazin (AFEM) and Tristan Hunt (AFEM)

Watch Beatport’s ReConnect when the music stops #youarenotalone stream here.

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