Beyonce Drops MASSIVE Teaser For ‘Renaissance’ Visuals As Fans Wait For ‘Break My Soul’ MV

Although Beyoncé hasn’t released the “Break My Soul” music video yet, it’s possible she will in the near future, along with the visuals for all the other songs that are part of the very popular “Renaissance” album. appreciated.

Weeks after “Renaissance” was released in July, Beyoncé’s team said the singer wanted her listeners to have time to fully immerse themselves in the album’s sound before seeing any visuals.

Earlier, it was reported that “Renaissance” is just the first part of a three-part project.

Fans wondered what “Act II” would bring, so the release comes at a good time.

Some have speculated that the second act is a brand new album in a different genre (country music being a frequent assumption), while others have speculated that it was simply the music video for accompaniment to the album, the third act being a tour.

No to the outcome, fans can rest assured that Bey has something really big planned for them.

Meanwhile, according to W Magazine, if fans look closely at the ‘I’m That Girl’ trailer, they may get the impression the singer has pulled off some of the massive looks she’ll be showing off through the songs. from his album “Renaissance”. One thing is sure – none of them are simple and boring.

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A preview of the music video for “I’m That Girl” was released Friday. Some of the outfits and settings have been previewed in the album artwork, but if you fast forward to the 38 second mark you’ll see a montage of many new ones. According to the magazine, while “I’m That Girl” is certainly a feast, there’s far too much opulence in those few seconds, even by Beyoncé standards.

The natural assumption is that Queen Bey teases her fans with the looks of the other songs.

One of the most interesting is the one where she wears green hair and green lips. She wore the look so well!

The looks posted by W Magazine are not exhaustive. Some fans also posted what they saw that the magazine missed.

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