Blake Shelton flexes country chops and shades fellow coaches

Camila Cabello may be the new face of “The Voice” this season, but sometimes the old school is still king.

Cabello, along with veteran trainers Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, turned for country crooner Austin Montgomery in the penultimate round of blind auditions on Tuesday night. Montgomery dazzled coaches with his “old soul” cover of Hank Williams’ “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love with You)”.

“I was really excited when I heard your voice,” Cabello said. “Our generation does not have a voice like yours. I don’t have anyone else like you on my team.

Shelton made it a point to remind the California teenager of his country music chops while throwing shade at his fellow coaches.

“I think it would be really important if you asked the three of us who sings that song you just performed,” Shelton said. “At least one of us knows who wrote and sang this song.”

And while Stefani wanted Montgomery to join her team, she was also supportive of her husband, telling Montgomery not to choose Cabello over Shelton. “It’s your career,” she said. “That man, that’s what he likes.”

In the end, Montgomery made the classic choice and joined Team Blake.

“I thought (Austin) was really different,” Cabello said. “But eventually, old soul, he had to go with an older person.”

Here’s what else happened during Tuesday’s episode.

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Gwen Stefani Catches John Legend’s ‘Confident’ Teen Singer

Jillian Jordyn got quick chair tricks from Stefani and coach John Legend with her heartfelt performance of Julia Michaels’ “Issues.”

“I want to be an influential artist,” Jordyn told coaches after her performance. “I want to be the artist that people feel they can connect with.”

The legend said he was ‘so impressed’ with the 17-year-old’s driven spirit. “I like that you have this view of yourself and I would love to be your coach,” he said.

Stefani chimed in with her own motherly talk, telling Jordyn she reminded her of Michaels.

“(The performance) started out so strong. When we turned around, it kind of went off the rails,” Stefani said. “It’s because you’ve probably never been on TV before. You’re 17, and that’s a lot, and this show is going to be a lot. But I’m here to help.

And Stefani’s support is exactly what Jordyn wanted: the singer chose to join Team Gwen.

“She’s so young; she’s ready to cast,” Stefani of Jordyn said. “She’s so confident and knows exactly what she wants to do.”

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Blake Shelton Loses ‘Magic’ Four-Chair Singer Grace Bello to Camila Cabello

Washingtonian Grace Bello floored the judges with her velvety vocal leads and torchlight rendition of Justin Bieber’s electropop hit “Ghost,” scoring the 21-year-old with a four-chair turn.

“It’s really rare for someone to show that many aspects of their voice, or even have that many aspects of their voice,” Stefani said. “You were able to get tender with your voice and really listen to the lyrics of what you were saying, and that’s also rare for someone so young.”

And while Cabello poked fun at Shelton’s lack of pop music savvy, the country singer hoped the unpredictability worked in his favor.

“Your voice is magical. Maybe I don’t know a lot of pop music, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan,” Shelton said. “I can’t think of anything more different and bizarre than if you chose me as your coach.”

Bello took the more traditional route, choosing pop star Cabello as his coach.

“(Grace’s) voice had a really angelic quality to it. It reminded me of Ariana (Grande) at times,” Cabello said. “I want that musical diversity on my team, and I also feel like I can really help artists who love pop music.”

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