Bolton: Hip-hop artist sets up record label and gears up for launch party

A Bolton Hip Hop DJ, producer and MC has launched a new record label following a successful lockdown online community project.

Al English, otherwise known by his stage name Dweller, has been involved in Hip Hop music for 20 years.

When the first lockdown hit, he and his friend Dave Taylor from Brighton decided to create an online hub for the live music industry, aiming to help promote the work of artists and showcase their talents when live shows weren’t on the table.

“Live from the Groove” was a hit, with the duo managing to get big names involved and land a sponsorship deal with online music streaming giant Mixcloud.

Al, 35, from Astley Bridge, said: “We knew we wanted to do more, so we made it a record company.

“We’ve had three releases on it so far, including one of mine, and our debut EP coming out in September on Kansul Culture.”

Dweller’s first release on the Live from the Groove – No Sugar label

A former teacher and now a full-time creator, Al is resident DJ at Real Ax in Bromley Cross. He also once had a show on Bolton FM called ‘The Realness’.

He added, “I’m an artist in my own right and I’m more on the production and creative side. I do the mixing and mastering.

“Dave is the details guy, so he focuses on campaigns and press releases and things like that. I think we work well together.

Live from the Groove went on a record label in May and is now gearing up for a launch party.

Speaking of the releases on the label, Al said the lyrics “send a message” and focus on contemporary issues such as the cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine.

The headliner of the evening, Kansul Culture, is a collective who will perform the full EP that they will soon release on the label.

Also on the bill is a DJ set from South Coasts Get It Together DJ’s and KISTA.

Visit the Live from the Groove website to learn more.

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