Bringing Flair Back Into The Electronic Music Sphere – Steven Stevens Rocks Fans In Latest Release

Steven Stevens thrills fans in latest release

His latest single, Fighting-Ignorance-Greed (Please Peace Edit) is dedicated to the heroic people of Ukraine

OLDENBURG, NIEDERSACHSEN, GERMANY, April 22, 2022 / — Steven Stevens is a man of many talents, which is evident from his discography and over thirty years of experience in the music industry. He has been working behind the scenes as a shadow producer since 1989. Born in Amsterdam, Steven has influenced music around the world, including the United States, Germany, Holland, Russia and Spain. As the owner of four studios, two music labels, and eight musical projects in different genres, Steven’s talent is second to none.

His latest album is titled “Fighting-Ignorance-Greed (Please Peace Edit)”, and it is dedicated to the heroic people of Ukraine who are going through an unimaginable time in their history. This song originated as an “accident”, as Steven describes it, and was completed in sixteen hours. The dark sound and slow melody is a perfect tribute to the suffering people in Ukraine. As an artist who understands the irresistible power of music, Steven Stevens decided he couldn’t stay silent about the injustices prevalent in the world today, which is why he’s using his platform to raise awareness. more to the problem in Ukraine.

After a triumphant career of thirty years working behind the scenes, Steven is ready to go out. He doesn’t want to work under different stage names, but rather make a name for himself in the music industry he’s been a part of for a long time. He wants to carry out his eight musical projects so that people recognize his talent under his real name. Truly one for the ages, Steven Stevens is surely ready to take the music industry by storm, but this time under his own name, with his own music.

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Originally from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Steven has always had a knack for composing music. He obtained a degree in musical engineering to perfect his technique, which shows his devotion to his art. Steven has been producing ghost music for various artists for over thirty years. To this day, no one knows the artists he helped produce music for, as they were always written and produced under pseudonyms. Having produced over nine hundred songs, Steven’s success and gift for music can be seen by the fact that many of the artists he has worked for have been honored in “DJ MAG TOP 100” under their name through the release. Steven’s songs. One of the songs Steven produced was with a top artist (unnamed), which had over billions of streams on Spotify alone, and was a worldwide hit. One of Steven’s biggest and most notable accomplishments is that he wrote, composed and recorded a song for one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Justin Bieber. Today, Steven dreams of working on the production of a soundtrack with his lifelong idol, Hans Zimmer.



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