CAINE OTH’s ‘Sloth’ Successfully Delivers Raw Hip-Hop Punch With Brilliant Pun


HIP-hop has been quite demanding over the past couple of years and artists have done their best to introduce new sounds. Undergoing a metamorphosis and becoming a star in his own right, an artist who has embarked on an unconventional journey to gradually secure his place in the industry is CAIN OTHER. The las vegas rapper isn’t in the mood to slow down and has already proven himself as one of the most prolific artists of the rising class delivering music that so far has gone unexplored. It looks like the LA-based emcee has undergone some significant changes to position himself as a viable successor, something he made clear in his latest soundtrack.


On his new track ‘The laziness’ the rapper brings his best storytelling skills to the forefront as he bleeds hard-hitting and heartfelt compositions to serve his aggressiveness through witty rhymes and clever puns. His worry-free catchphrase and effortless rap delivery make listeners notice his extraordinary skills. Based on an intriguing, dark and cinematic musical background, the artist proves that his artistry extends far beyond lyrical content as he perfectly introduces grooves with every other turn. The artist put on a fantastic rap technique show that is sure to serve as inspiration for other budding artists. The short, catchy verses tell his story of survival through the various difficult experiences life had given him and the stylish rapper curates a solid body of work with his intriguing qualities.

CAIN OTHER has a go-to hook and is drenched in all the raw vibes, the rapper delivers words that not only sound relevant but also prove he’s an influential part of the industry. His original sound captures his rebellious side and fans are sure to resonate with his raw, raw and anti-industrial approach to curating hip-hop music. The song ‘The laziness‘stands out for many reasons as the versatile performer expresses a new meaning of music with both sound and style. Instead of exploring intimate themes, he gives a clear insight into his creativity and completely overwhelms the audience. Listen to the song on Spotify, and Youtube, and follow it on Facebook and Instagram for more details on his future projects.

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