Canadian hip-hop artist, Philly.C fleshes out creativity and emotion with his latest bangers


To come up Hip-hop artist from Canada, Philly. C creates a new wave of hip-hop music with his latest tracks ‘Unlimited (Make me rich)’ and ‘No sleep’.

Are you looking for bangers to break your hip-hop music threshold? Then Philly. CThe latest bangers are highly recommended. I’m currently addicted to the latest bangers from this artist like ‘Unlimited (Make me rich)’, ‘No sleep’, and many more that have created a huge buzz among hip hop fans. The rapper has an unwavering personality that is reflected in his artistry and creativity. I love his lyrical grooves which provide me with a sufficient amount of gritty essence, weight and hypnosis to stay engaged. Not only musically, but the bangers are lyrically intriguing and able to captivate all kinds of listeners.

This talented Canadian hip-hop artist is progressing rapidly in his career while keeping his name the center of everyone’s attention. The last pieces ‘Unlimited (Make me rich)’ are produced by V1D3 Beatz X KRoNiQB3AT $ and ‘No sleep’ are produced by illWillBeatz. During his musical career, the artist has collaborated with many producers and has offered listeners some of the best tracks like ‘BALLOUT’, ‘Issues’, ‘Greatness’, and the musical arsenal goes further. I’m looking forward to his next bangers, which should be out soon. To follow Philly. C to Instagram and Twitter for more information about his music.

To visit his SoundCloud profile, go to the link: https: //


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