Charlotte de Witte will be the first techno group, as well as the first female DJ, to close the main stage of Tomorrowland

In July, Charlotte de Witte, double winner of the DJ Mag Alternative Top 100 and Belgian queen of techno, will be the first techno act, as well as the first female DJ, to close the legendary Mainstage on Saturday July 30th. The head of the KNTXT label will conclude on July 30 as part of the first-ever third and final weekend of the world-renowned festival.

Charlotte has had another non-stop and game-changing year in 2022 so far. She led a label party at the vast Printing houses in London with all of his key label associates by his side, played a 10 hour set at an epic and biggest party ever in his hometown of Ghent under the KNTXT banner, and also hosted an unforgettable KNTXT party in Los Angeles.

The tireless Belgian has also signed many fresh and innovative new sounds for his label, as well as his own latest sounds. Universal Consciousness EP which was another evolution in his sound signature.

She also continued with her Apple Music Residence mixes up and she’the age of love‘ remix reached number 1 on the charts. As such, Charlotte has a packed schedule this summer that will take her to the world’s most iconic stages, the biggest festivals and that unmissable Mainstage at tomorrowland.

tomorrowland is recognized as the largest gathering of electronic music in the world, with an outstanding production and imposing stage sets. Charlotte been playing the event for 10 years and now her highly anticipated set will once again confirm that she is one of the leading techno artists on the planet, while forever changing the industry for her fellow human beings.

The countdown is now on for what will be another milestone in Charlotte de WitteAlready remarkable career.

Discover it tomorrowland 2019 below and get ready for a brand new magical performance in July!

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