Check out these 5 local artists and their socially responsible firebrand songs

A wise man once said that music is the universal language of mankind. And boy, was he right. For example, think of this song that hits you deeper than any other. Think of his words; you probably remember every syllable, right? If it’s the right kind of song, it may even lead you to its own intentions. This is the power of music.

Now rappers and other musicians have long used their songs as a platform to make you think and feel something bigger than just the song. They see music as a flexible way to send powerful social messages to those who listen to it, in the hopes that it will not only raise awareness of current issues, but also start meaningful conversations around people. ‘them. Think climate change or patriarchy or the need to create safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. Addressing these social issues through powerful lyrics, catchy tunes and graphic videos, here are some pioneering and socially responsible songs from five local artists.

1. Swadesi’s Warli Revolt


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The slogan of Swadesi, a multilingual rap team based in Mumbai, has always been socially responsible music. The hip-hop collective, formed in 2013, includes singers Aklesh Sutar (MC Mawali), Yash Mahida (Maharya), Saurabh Abhyankar (100RBH), graffiti artist Robston Soares (Lobster), beat producers Tushar Adhav (DJ Bamboy) , Abhishek Shindolkar (Raakshas), music producer Abhishek Menon (NAAR) and sound engineer Joshua Fernandes. The band sees itself as a kind of movement and therefore strives to create music that sheds light on the many social issues plaguing today’s society, while shedding relevant light on their own personal and existential crises.

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