Dancing Astronaut presents the 100 best electronic tracks of 2021


Clearly and simply, 2021 was an anomaly not only for dance music, but for music as a whole. Much of 2020 was spent imagining how the versions would translate back to the in-person format, and that contemplation continued well into the New Year, with no immediate end in sight. With the concert schedule in endless limbo from January through the spring and summer months, performers continued to ride the frantic creative waves they had previously ridden, without the time constraints of tour schedules. The music played throughout the year consistently reflected the ingenuity resulting from long, unimpeded periods in the studio. And even with the concerts which are now (a little) in full swing, one has the impression that this state of mind has not yet changed.

While in-person music programming was at a standstill at the start of the year, the original releases were anything but. 2021 got a head start the second the New Years Ball fell, when, in the early moments of January 1, Hardwell and Blasterjaxx decided to quickly secure a spot on our possible thinking on the slopes. most memorable of the year. Their long-awaited “Bootshaus ID” was a welcome starting point for a large-scale release record that we had to somehow shrink to Dancing astronautthe 100 best releases of 2021 when the time comes. What if everything goes according to plan this year, Dancing astronautThe year’s most anticipated IDs would hopefully provide 15 more versions that join the Dutch duo’s Great Hall collision, with 11 of those never-before-seen cuts erasing the version board once the year is over. The delivery of “You’ve Done Enough” by Gorgon City and DRAMA at the end of January set the ID release train in motion. Later, “Beat Like This” by Bleu Clair and OOTORO – which STMPD RCRDS was kind enough to let us create – “Look at the Sky” by Porter Robinson; ILLENIUM, Nurko and “Sideways” by Valérie Broussard; Alesso’s “Someone to Use”; “Pantheon” from Ophelia Records; “Stinger” by RL Grime and ISOxo; Dom Dolla’s “Pump the Brakes”; and David Guetta, MORTEN and John Martin’s “Impossible” have all been given the green light. But that was just a trace of the 2021 productions that could be considered track-worthy of the year, and while these 10 songs – and hundreds and hundreds more – deserved this sought-after title, a only now wears the crown as we reach the final hours of 2021.

“The conversation on the track of the year can be opened and closed even before its eventual winner arrives.” This is how we prefaced “One More Day” on this list of our most anticipated releases in 2021 and the phrase now rings truer than ever. We I knew it when Seven Lions introduced him to The Gorge Amphitheater a year and a half ago, we knew that when he arrived in April, and we know it now that our song of the year could not be anything other than the melodic three-headed bass magnum opus from Jason Ross, Blanke and Chandler Leighton, “One More Day”.

“One More Day” shone brightly on the endless track of Ophelia Records originals that amounted to her selection as Dancing astronaut2021’s Label of the Year from 2021, and considering how many times we’ve tweeted about the track in 2021, “One More Day” going from our favorite brand new id to our favorite version this year should be anything but one. surprise. As we stream “One More Day” for the 1,000,000th time, enjoy it, along with 99 of our other top releases of 2021, in our full playlist below.

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