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DJ Axonn, a popular name among Indian music fanatics, is rocking the electronic music scene in India. The music enthusiast is currently in fashion for his musical rhythms and tunes that keep audiences glued to the dance floor all night long. The zealous artist never fails to pour every drop of his passion into every project Indian audiences live for. DJ Axonn, one of the most renowned DJs in the music industry, releases old-school music with his creativity through his progressive YouTube channel.

Beginning his career in 2010, the DJ embarked on the road to success with his innovative musical mixes on his YouTube channel. His originals and live sets blend effortlessly with house, electro and techno, and his distinct understanding of dancefloors, moods, trends and audiences has him to 65,000 subscribers on his YouTube account and to over 20 million views of his impressive musical mixes. The music influencer started his career as a club and festival artist and quickly became, through his determined efforts, the most talented DJ in the music industry.


The vibrant energy of Rajat Mahajan, also known as DJ Axonn, transcends certain foot-tapping acts that would force anyone to shake their leg. With musical talent, he offers a new original song “Hile Tera Lakk” in collaboration with Indian Idol singer Tajinder Singh. Whether performing at multiple weddings or private parties around the world, the DJ sets the mood on fire by bringing extraordinary talent to the electronic music industry. In recent times he will be traveling to Amritsar, Kolkata and Lonavala for the big wedding. Apart from this, Thailand, Malaysia, Goa, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati, Amritsar, Dibrugarh, Silchar and Dimapur are some of the states where the artist has taken the electronic music industry to a any other level. Each month, the musician releases a series called “Monthly Dose by DJ Axonn,” which includes old school to new age tunes that his fans eagerly await.

Speaking of his successful musical journey, Rajat Mahajan says, “Music is something that inspires me to become a better version of myself. Every morning I wake up with the mission of producing magical compositions that can touch people’s hearts and make them feel rejuvenated. . Producing old-school music to new-age tunes is what sets my talent apart from other music enthusiasts in the industry. I am grateful for the opportunities that have paved the way for my growth in the music industry and I also promise to produce music that soothes the soul and refreshes everyone. “

Whether producing an aristocratic party with a classic vibe or a hip party with a nightclub vibe, its chameleon ability to adapt to any style makes it grab the attention of the masses. You can even hear his music on Spotify as he already has over 45,000 subscribers listening to his beats. Mixing and transforming both traditional and unexpected sounds, he has composed music that most artists will never understand. Music is rooted in DJ Axonn’s blood and with his art of experimenting with various genres of music he dominates the musical universe.

Article first published: Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 11:22 a.m. [IST]


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