DRAMAFLS, a musical artist behind “Direktè”, uses emotions and aggression to fuel the energy behind his music

The American musical artist, songwriter and videographer DRAMAFLS writes his brilliant history in the world of music. He uses his emotions and aggressiveness to fuel the energy behind his musical works. Born as “Thiery Kern Sanon” on July 4, 1987 in Miami, Florida, the musical artist has worked with many mainstream artists during his career.

In addition to music, he also runs his own clothing line, “Direkte», Which he launched in 2017. Through his clothing brand, DRAMAFLS makes hoodies and t-shirts available to people. The artist is from Haiti, so he founded a Haitian clothing brand to make it popular in the international market.

DRAMAFLS would work to record musical works by emerging artists. And that made him popular on social media platforms and Youtube. Thanks to this, the musical artist had the opportunity to work with leading artists, namely BigFa, Steves J Bryan, Zoeydollaz, Biggystal, etc.

The artist has released many popular songs in collaboration with other mainstream artists. On his song list, the most popular are “Rale Bagey feat. BigFa” and “Sway”. The clip of the first received an excellent reception from the public.

Blessed with musical talent, DRAMAFLS has great technical skills and self-confidence that help him grow in the music industry. He creates his musical works in at least languages ​​and the Haitian people call him “the Cleaver Haitian Musician”.

The upcoming artist brings a new sound to the Haitian generation in Hip Hop. Dramafls wants his audience to keep jumping on his music. In addition, the musical artist wants to make his clothing brand, “Direktè”, popular with a global label to help people recognize the Haitian brand.

Visit his websitehttps://www.dramafls.com/

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