EL1AX Explains How His New Track “Sculpture Park” Captures The Beauty Of PNW

EL1AX (Elias Attumally) is a Seattle-based deep progressive house and melodic techno producer and DJ from Kerala, India.

His last single sculpture park was released on Solarstone’s imprint, Pure Progressive. The track was part of the publisher’s landmark July release, Pure Progressive Vol. 2which was mixed by Forerunners.

EL1AX bases his designs on experiences and places he has visited, so this track is an ode to one of Seattle’s iconic locations.

“It’s a place where I go to run, meditate, introspect and listen to music; basically using it is a place for my personal escape,” he describes.

sculpture park captures the feeling that this place gives him, which serves as a place for reflection and reflection. These sentiments are shared by many Seattle residents.

In three words, EL1AX describes sculpture park is best described as “euphoric, groovy and nostalgic”. It displays a mastery of syntheses reminiscent of the older eras of progressive. The track opens with a robust, pulsating beat to warm the listener up for the five-and-a-half-minute journey. Tasteful high hats complement a well sculpted groove. A hopeful melody arises and the deep atmospheric aura of the breakdown keeps you waiting. The songs end on a melodic and emotional note. It’s a piece that creates an ethereal world in which you can get lost.

EL1AX is inspired by progressive heavy hitters such as Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Lauren Garner, John Digweed and Patrice Bauble. He constantly rinses Guy J, whom he considers a progressive pioneer who also helped spread the style and essence of the genre. He also likes the production style of Alex Orion and considers the artist as one of the new precursors of the genre. He also enjoys discovering emerging progressive artists such as HAEN and Aman Anand.

EL1AX went into production in 2006 after getting a taste of his brother’s trance.

“When I got serious about producing, I reached out to artists on forums to learn techniques and use the vast library of resources on YouTube,” he recalls.

His big breakthrough came in the form of a remix contest by trance and progressive label, Intricate Records. At that time, EL1AX was geared towards pure trance. Over time, his tastes changed to new artists he discovered, including Guy J, Guy Mantsur, Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo. These artists opened his eyes to another facet of electronic music.

EL1AX then started doing deep, progressive with a touch of electronica in 2020. Since the advent of the EL1AX moniker, he has released on some of the best labels in the underground deep progressive scene such as Juicebox Records, Soundteller Records, and now with sculpture park on Pure Progressive.

Credit: Jamison Weeks

Creatively, EL1AX prefers a fluid state and lets the creative process take hold. The definition of gender has many interpretations and is not always straightforward. For EL1AX, progressive house is stimulating and introspective. It looks at the progressive on a spectrum rather than a genre. At one end, you’ll hear deep, lush sounds through Sunset over Puget Sound, and on the other side you will get a taste of the groovy dance elements through his track Berg. He also has a Techno Peace of Mind on Soundcloud, which is a versatile mix for home or club listening.

His true passion lies in creating deep progressive tracks and seeks to help give the genre more recognition in the PNW. We caught up with EL1AX in 2020 shortly after a sho reopened, and it was a pleasure to watch him gradually elevate his artistry.

His productions have now gained support from Paul Oakenfold, Solarstone, GMJ, Enamour, Praveen Achary and Wassu. He has opened for Anjunadeep boss Jody Wisternoff, Fatum, Solarstone, and will open for Öona Dahl on November 4 at The Ora. Tickets can be purchased here! EL1AX have an arsenal of tracks up their sleeve with more labels to come in the near future. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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