Eva Lazarus releases emotional new single

The singer gives us a glimpse into her self-care and self-love routine with her infectious and confident new single.

The perfect self-care anthem has arrived! Authorize Eva Lazarus’ new single, “How Am I?” to guide you in your preparation rituals. Taking the routine task of getting her hair done and turning it into a leisurely yet empowering ballad, the tune finds divine beauty in the everyday. Lulling us into the track with soothing ad libs and a zen twang of the strings, Lazarus’ assertive song then breaks us abruptly into a dizzying beat. Rhetorically repeating, “How do I look?”, Lazarus exudes an infectious confidence both vocally and in the music video that needs no reassurance as she sits proud and surrounded by a halo of people calmly working on her braids. “How I look is a love letter to my hair, my self-esteem and my self-care. The process, the feeling, the cost and the pride in it all. Lazarus explains, reminding listeners of the importance of personal care and its luminous effects on well-being.

Lazarus’ honey voice lends a treat to the blunt, witty lyrics that emphasize that the consequence of touching hair will be “going off on crutches.” Layered Over Expertly Crafted Beats Produced by Dirty Dike (Rag N Bone Man, Ocean Wisdom), “How Do I Look?” is a delicious result of skillful ingredients, completed with a sunny visualizer, capturing the ethereal essence embedded within.

“How I am?” is out now and follows his 2019 collaborative album with reggae/dancehall production Mungo’s Hi-Fi, which garnered over 10 million listeners on Spotify.

Head below to listen to “How Do I Look?”…

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