Every season of love and hip hop from VH1: New York, ranked


After ten successful seasons in New York that ended in 2019, VH1 has rebooted its flagship reality show Love and hip-hop for release in the summer of 2021. Moving to the popular city of Miami, Florida, where several of the spinoff shows have taken place, the new season features the lives of several people involved in southern hip hop, reggaeton and music. Latin music scene.

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Which makes Love and Hip Hop: New York such an enjoyable sight is the magnetic cast of characters, intensely dramatic conflicts, inviting locations, enjoyable music and how it can launch the career of an aspiring artist. The question is, how does the new reboot compare to the last 10 seasons series set in the Big Apple?

ten Season 3

Yandy wears a black sweater in Love and Hip Hop Season 3

After the departure of the stars of the original series Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin, season 3 of Love and hip-hop took a hard hit in the eyes of most fans. Forced to recast, the series had to pivot and undergo major production changes, with Yandy Smith reprising the lead role of Chrissy opposite her handsome Rich Dollaz. The power of the stars just couldn’t match.

Despite the dramatic drop resulting from Jones and Lampkin’s departure, some season highlights came in Episode 4, when Olivia and Erica clashed and ground their longtime beef. The low moment? Probably the sex video Yandy and Mendeecees made for her birthday.

9 Season 8

Reunion cast photo for Love and Hip Hop Season 8

Season 8 of Love and hip-hop saw popular rapper Remy Ma kick off the festivities with a Unity night. Sadly, the season quickly fell out of favor with fans when Yandy was caught talking on an unplugged phone that proved the series’ fabricated storylines.

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As a result, Season 8 ratings fell below 2 million viewers for the first time in four years. The season was also hotly berated for shoddy editing, poor screenplays, and boring casting decisions. Fortunately, the season ended on a high note with Remy and Papoose’s A Merry Mackie Holiday party where Fat Joe brought the house down.


8 Season 9

Photo cast for Love and Hip Hop Season 9

Qualified as a return season, the 9th edition of Love and hip-hop marked the return of polarizing actors Joe Budden and Cyn Santana after a four-year respite. Along with returning co-workers Remy, Rich, Safaree and Yandy, the producers attempted to cash in on viewers’ nostalgia for the cast members.

While the season’s theme didn’t resonate as well as some of the others, the climax clearly came when the cast took a trip to Costa Rica that ended in an explosive argument between Joe and Safaree before they left. ‘he didn’t propose to Cyn. If that wasn’t dramatic enough, Kim and Juelz also rush to get married before his prison term.

7 Season 4

Love and Hip Hop Season 4 Reunion Episode

Improving dramatically from the mediocre ratings of Season 3, Season 4 of Love and hip-hop 54% increase in viewership, according to thefutoncritic.com. One of the main reasons for the call was the return of Rashidah Ali as a guest star and the combustible love triangle between rapper Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly.

Erica Mena falls in love with a woman for the first time in her life and a frightening physical altercation between Saigon and her ex Erica Jean in front of their newborn son are other important storylines that have resonated with fans over the course of season 4. The season was not lacking in drama, which is why this is one of the most beloved reality dating series.

6 Season 7

Cardi B wears white pants and a peach top in Love and Hip Hop Season 7

In addition to the superstar power of iconic rap names like Cardi B, Remy Ma, Fat Joe, Method Man, Cam’ron, Noreaga, Lik Durk and even the late Michael K. Williams, Season 7 remains remarkable. for the fierce custody battle between Samantha, Erika and Mendeecees. Things even got physical, forcing their mothers to get involved.

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With extremely entertaining storylines across the board, the 7 biggest moments of the season include Remy sacrificing his career to settle down with Papoose, Snoop and his girlfriend J Adrienne physically battling the latter’s bitter jealousy and breakup. of the creep team.

5 Season 1

Jim and Chrissy kiss on Love and Hip Hop Season 1

As a state-of-the-art novelty sparking the curiosity of VH1 viewers for the first time, it stands to reason that the inaugural season of Love and hip To jump ranks among the upper echelons of the pack. Indeed, the new premise was exciting enough to strike a chord among viewers of trashy reality TV centered on infighting and argumentative dusting.

Focusing on Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin, the show did a good job of removing the polish of a rapper’s public figure to air out all the dirty laundry behind the scenes. The best moment came in the penultimate episode when Chrissy tried to work things out with Jim’s mom, but ended up alienating her even more. Revisit the beloved reality show on Paramount + from Season 1-10.

4 Season 6

Moe wears a yellow top in Love and Hip Hop Season 6

With Cardi B’s high powered star power shining for the first time, Season 6 of Love and hip-hop is one of the most beloved to date. This is also due to the fact that beloved rapper Remy Ma and her husband Papoose joined the series after his six-year prison term, marking only the third time in the series’ history to undergo radical casting changes from one season to another.

Along with Cardi and Remy’s natural charisma and great entertainment value that make the reality TV show one of the funniest of its kind, the season also raised the profile of the popular rap group on social media Migos. , with Quavo and Takeoff appearing on the show. But beyond the power of the stars, the best part of the season came during Remy and Pap’s wedding ceremony, filled with emotional expressions and unforeseen family drama.

3 Season 5

Two female cast members appear deeply unhappy with Love and Hip Hop season 5

From Yandy welcoming Mendeecees from prison to the start of their tearful marriage to the end and everything in between, Season 5 has arguably the most satisfying character arcs on the show. And that doesn’t even take into account the gripping drama between Cyn and Erica that results in a shockingly violent ending.

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Beyond the two-hour wedding special that saw Yandy and Mendeecees finally tie the knot, season 5’s juiciest drama features Peter giving Amina an engagement ring despite continuing to see Tara behind her back. .

2 Season 10

Chrissy and Jim sit side by side in Love and Hip Hop Season 10

Call it recency bias, but the 10th season of Love and hip-hop still resonates with fans of the popular reality TV show. In addition to the fascination over how the production would handle the COVID-19 situation, the return of Jim and Chrissy after an 8-year absence has drawn herds of loyal fans.

The emotional reunion of the original stars also included Joe and Tahiry taking their relationship to the next level, Safaree and Erica planning their dramatic wedding and Yandy’s emotional time while awaiting Mendeecees release from prison. Most rewarding of all is seeing just how far the main characters have come and how far they’ve grown, evolved, or failed to meet the challenges of sustaining love.

1 Season 2

Promotional image of the cast of Love and Hip Hop Season 2

After ironing out all the bugs and glitches from the first round of Season 1, Love and hip-hop Season 2 dramatically increased the show’s overall entertainment value. As such, the series has averaged 2.8 million viewers per episode, making it the most-watched VH1 series in almost four years (according to thefutoncritic.com).

Much of the appeal picked up exactly where the first season left off, throwing everyone in the original cast back into the process. Jim’s mom releases a diss track against Chrissy, Emily leaves and reconciles with Fabolous, and Yandy first introduces fan favorite Kimbella Vanderhee, who soon begins a heated feud with Erica Mena.

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