Feel the true essence of hip hop with Chicago rapper KOE G’s new track “Written In Blood”

Author: Alicia Parker

Skilled talent and Chicago rapper, KOE G has released a new track, “Written In Blood”, which brings the true essence of hip hop to listeners.

HIP-Hop is one of the most popular and famous musical genres that every corner of the world celebrates. If you are also one of those hip hop and rap enthusiasts who find joy in listening to hip hop beats and rap verses in which you can see a glimpse of the real world and struggle, then you are in for a treat . The promising Chicago rapper KOE G aka Brandon Taylor has released the new track to give the joy of getting a new expression of his immense talent to his fans. The song is called ‘Written in blood’ and has gained public appreciation since its release.


The track is filled with groovy melodies and upbeat musical expression that creates a captivating experience for listeners. The honest and heartfelt lyrics also attract much attention from listeners as Chicago rapper portrays the struggles of reality through his writing. Associated with a strong voice, ‘Written in blood’ is everything you’re looking for in a modern hip-hop song. Some previous tracks from KOE G are “Da Murda I wrote”, ‘Neva saw me coming’, ‘Black Diamond’, ‘NICKLEFABULOUS’etc all of which are available at sound cloud. You can also follow this Chicago rapper on Facebook, instagram, Twitterand UnitedMasters.

Go for this track ‘Written In Blood’ by KOE G:


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