First Video – Fascinating Video ‘Khokhoba’ by NIN3S with Toshi

Sometimes a track and video crosses all genres. “Khokhhoba” featuring Toshi is by new experimental electronic jazz artist NIN3S (pronounced “Nines”)

It’s a fascinating slice of future music with Toshi Tikoloan incredible South African singer, poet and songwriter who has previously collaborated with hot names like Black Coffee and David Morales, and has been hailed by the dance music scene as an African woman shaping dance music and “one of the most sonorous voices in the African electronic music scene”.

Meaning “to grow old”, “Khokhoba” is an amazing and moving song written and dedicated to Toshi’s grandmother who raised her and persuaded her to sing in church at the age of 6, and sung in his native language, Xhosa. It speaks of a desire and a love for her model and inspiration that grows old and weakens. Toshi has been writing songs since a young age and through his storytelling captures the stories of his life in his powerful lyrics.

by Toshi rich vocals quiver with raw emotion adding heart and depth to an epic, uplifting track that combines haunting melody and deceptively simple piano patterns from NIN3S. The stunning video is an emotional masterpiece. The sands of time are a recurring theme – we see grains of sand dancing in the atmospheric golden light around a young and graceful face. The sands change pace and tempo as the song reaches its crescendo with soaring vocals, but as the sands begin to fade, the face ages in dim light, but its inner glow remains intact.

Toshi noted The song is dedicated to my grandmother, to the grace with which she grows old, to the suffering she endured during all her years of life, raising her children as a single mother.

NIN3S was once the internationally successful house music DJ Uner, and let go of his old self and returned to his classically trained piano roots to create an incredibly accomplished and sophisticated debut album “Hopeyard”, from which “Khokhoba” is taken. His first album will be released on the 22n/a April to showcase her musicality, storytelling and moods.

‘Khokhoba’ came out 16and March

‘Hopeyard’ was released 22n/a April

Listen to the track here

NIN3S on Spotify

First Video - Fascinating Video 'Khokhoba' by NIN3S with Toshi

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