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Frazey Ford brings his unique singing style to Vernon.

Ford will perform at the Vernon and District Performing Arts Center on April 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Based in Vancouver, the former singer and guitarist of The Be Good Tanyas, Ford mixes folk, soul and psychedelia in her third album, U Kin B the Sun, which gracefully navigates a fascinating world of soft beats and 70s funk. .

“There are certain songs that just pop up and there’s no art in it,” Ford says. “To me, these songs have a kind of spiritual quality to them – sometimes I feel like it’s these different voices that you can channel. There was really something magical about the improvisation aspect and how that shaped the whole thing. album and such a joy in the experience of really enjoying what we were all creating together.

The album’s first single, Azad, conjures up images of Ford’s early childhood in a western Canadian township as the daughter of American dodgers.

The song is full of courage and natural beauty as it is inspired by the love between siblings coming together in difficult situations.

“I used to talk more in metaphors, but this album came out a lot more raw and direct,” says Ford. “I would say it’s a result of being more in my body and more in touch with the wholeness of anger, taking space and having boundaries. On this record, I freed myself from the folk writing format, and that was a whole other exploration for me.

Ford is part of VDPAC’s SPOTLIGHT spring 2022 series.

“Frazey Ford is a haunting performer who uses her soft yet smoky voice to transport listeners on a journey,” says Erin Kennedy, Artistic Director. “Its unique sound allows us to escape and leave our day behind as we are enveloped in its beautiful music and storytelling.”

To learn more about the latest COVID-19 protocols and to purchase tickets, call 250-549-SHOW (7469) or go online.

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