Get out of the chaos, refresh your soul


Are you looking for a meaningful way to celebrate your vacation? I just have the treat for you!

Yoga retreats are my favorite way to relax, rejuvenate and have fun while on vacation. Getting out of our comfort zones, moving away from friends and family, disrupting our routine, gives us a chance to BE, without the pitfalls of role models and expectations that may have set in, so we can connect. to who we really are.

Maybe that’s what it takes to look at our lives from a distance, to identify habits that don’t serve us, to rethink how we want to exist. Take the time to connect with your real self and find out what you love to do. It can lead to profound changes in your life.

I’ve been wandering South Asia, sampling yoga retreats for about 20 years now, and I’m about to reveal my favorite spot to you. Are you ready? But first, why do I like this place?

I like to relax Given the fast pace of life we ​​live in Dhaka city, the density of the population, the sound and air pollution that thrills our senses, the last thing we want on vacation is another urban jungle. Visiting big cities can be fun, for a day or two, but does it leave you recharged or exhausted at the end of the trip?

I love yoga retreats that provide sanctuary for the mind and body. I love to hear the sound of the ocean waves. I like to wake up with the sun rising on the horizon. I like to breathe the fresh air and enjoy a Zen atmosphere.

I like eating

Food is an important part of any vacation. On vacation, we want to please all our senses with delight. But that doesn’t mean we have to damage our bodies, put on weight, and come back feeling worse. This yoga retreat offers a delicious and healthy selection of fresh, local and organic foods prepared by expert chefs. There are also detox options if you are looking for a more intense transformation.

I like to connect with nature

During retreats, I like to be surrounded by trees and flowers. We all know that nature is good for the soul. Not only do we need trees for an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, but also the trees are green, the color of the heart chakra, the center of healing. Being in nature helps us heal. The profound beauty of nature reminds us of our place in the universe.

I like to become strong

During the year at work we often put too much strain on our mind, so on vacation I like to deepen my body. It can be by climbing to the top of a mountain (well…. A hill) from where I can watch a magical sunset, or swim in the turquoise waves and watch the fishes busy with their days, or go hiking in a forest to a hidden waterfall. These are the kinds of times that I aspire to. I also like to practice yoga while on vacation. Remember, we practice yoga not to improve ourselves in yoga, but to improve ourselves in life!

I like to meet fascinating people

I love meeting travelers who think outside the box to see the world and get to know each other in a deeper way. These people often form the tapestry of the stories and personalities that underpin my vacation. Some are just faces in my life for a day, some become friends for life. The key, for me, is to meet open-minded people with open hearts.

There you go, friends and fans, that’s why I love the place I’m about to reveal. Drum roll…. Here it is, the name of my secret haven: Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui.

Good news, Samahita has a great Christmas and New Years program so book your vacation now. It is also part of the Samui Sandbox, so you can stay there while meeting Thailand travel requirements.

Have nice holidays! See you next year.

Photo: Shazia Omar

Shazia Omar is a writer, activist and yogini.


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