Glowal organizes the first electronic music event at the monumental Anfiteatro Triangolo Verde in Pisa

The Glowal night showed the world what is to come. On a warm spring evening on the beautiful hills of Pisa, the duo hosted their first Sementa label event and first-ever electronic music event at the Anfiteatro Triangolo Verde, in collaboration with Ardesia, UISP Valdera, Yupac and Yed. From sunset until dawn, more than a thousand people gathered in an open field for an artistic showcase of creatives and their passions.

Designed during the dark times of confinement, Fabio Giannielli and Alessandro Gasperinithe label Sementa had a bubbling idiosyncratic ideas just waiting to be revealed. And finally, on May 28, the first event served as the perfect kickoff for the long journey ahead. Glowal took this opportunity to showcase local Italian talent while promoting a unique landmark in the country they call home and bringing together enthusiasts.

When darkness fell at the top of the hill, the stars of the show shone from the Anfiteatro at 9:00 p.m. The duo took 1,600 assembled attendees to the arena in the Underworld, and they rocked the dancefloor like it’s never been rocked before. Glowal marked their label’s outstanding ability by bringing the premier electronic event to the big Anfiteatro. They wowed the crowd with their basic synth sound, playing tracks from their recent debut albumTrigger your senses‘ which was released on April 15th, and teasing some upcoming bangers that will be releasing soon on Inner visions and Life after death.

The pair thus ignited a sound atmosphere that this monumental Italian monument had not yet known. The audience was overwhelmed with every beat, as Glowal unveiled their auditory range by carrying the circle through their melodic waves and subliminal industrial touches until the wee hours of the morning. Farewells were said at 4:00 p.m., but memories of that night will forever be etched in those who witnessed the shared energy, warmth and passion. With such a successful first label event, Glowal has paved the way for a great season of exciting projects ready to take off.

Earlier, the evening started at 6:00 p.m. higher up the hill by the breathtaking titanic sculptures, and opened with a variety of performances from Italian talents like DJ’s Impure, Dohze & Lari and Tommaso Bracaloni, and exceptional dancers Susannah Lheme and Francesca Valeri, Kevin Seiti and Pole Dance Valdera. To add to the array of flair, there was also a hair show by Lina’s and Alberto Simoneschi, and a one-of-a-kind fashion installation by 2021 Vogue Talent Award winner Emilia Torcini. Delicious street food was served by Grano Vivo, Niccó il Gelataio and Gab, while the aesthetic setting was eternized in delightful paintings by Pietro Mazzilli and Ciocci.

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