Guwahati hip-hop scene witnesses new swagger with King Bird

It has been said that the birds of a feather flock together. And with a pun on the phrase and a co-sign by Guwahati hip hop sensation Rocky Glock, King Bird is here to take over the hip hop scene.

Refaquat, aka King Bird, is the latest name to rock the Guwahati rap scene with tracks such as ‘Hunnid racks’, ‘Mona Lisa’ and his latest banger ‘Pull up’.

Refaquat said he had always loved birds since he was young. This, he told EastMojo, explains how he got his stage name. “I wanted to put something positive in my stage name, and the birds reminded me of freedom, peace and quiet. That’s how King Bird appeared. King Bird represents love and peace, he added.

Bird, who released his first track in November 2021, spoke passionately about what separates him from the crowd. “I have my own story to tell,” he said, adding that his whole approach and distinct sound is what makes him different.

Bird says he uses his music and hip-hop as a means of expression. He said, “I can be completely honest as a rapper through my songs, voice my opinion, and not worry about being judged or hated,” which Bird admits to having a hard time doing as Refaquat.

Produced by Guwahati-based producer Rick Skillz, who has produced tracks with Rocky Glock, J’97 and more, King Bird released “Pull Up” on March 18, 2022. Bird speaks highly of the producer on his latest track , which is mentioned of which it is also framed. He said, “Rick is all about the art, the culture, the sound.”

King Bird plans to release a lot of new music and visuals in the coming times and also plans to tour nationwide in the next few years. We’re definitely interested to see what move the bird will make next.

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