Has La Soul screwed up and guess who will win La Voz Argentina 2022?

In a note accompanying Por si las flys (Radio La Once Dies), La Soul launches a phrase, For some it’s a spoiler Who will win La Voz Argentina 2022?

“In the world of music there are still fewer women than men, although there is still a lot to do, I think that will soon change, female audiences have other fantasies with male singers , the process is slow, but I think it an a woman has a very high chance of winning, Express.

In the end, La Soul clarified that all the finalists have a lot of talent to win. “I really think it could happen this year. I’ve also been criticized a lot for picking more men, but I’m also doing it because I know I can win. Hill.

La Voz Argentina 2022: unexpected error of the participant who broke Lali Esposito

When there was nothing left for the grand finale The Voice of Argentina 2022, At this time, decisive moments are experienced between the participants of the musical reality show telefe, where pressure and nerves are more than an important role. Thus on Wednesday evening when the participants of the teams Sun against those maui wai riki In the quarter-finals, one of them forgot the words to his performance, bursting into tears. redness continue on your way.

it was Octave Mason of the sons team Ricardo MontanerWho sang the first verse of ‘Like a bird in the air’ -de Mercedes Sosa You peteco trade– There was a difference and the song was forgotten before maui wai riki They waved him forward regardless and he did. So he managed to go all the way with his performance as the camera watched Lali Esposito watching him, as he couldn’t help but cry with emotion.


Thus, at the end of its presentation, the jury of The Voice of Argentina 2022 He explained what this topic meant to him. “This song inspires me, I have a family in Santiago del Estero and I have sung it several times by my uncle and my cousins. It is a family that knows hunger. So this song…I can’t speak” mumble forget, “I congratulate you because you kept walking. What you did is so hard, I’m running and I can’t sing. You keep walking, you close your eyes, you touch your heart, true, you see Go later and you sang it until the end”Esposito finished.

Meanwhile, one of his coaches had nothing but words of encouragement for the Santiago man. “You broke my brother. What happened to you, happened to all of us. That’s no reason not to vote for you. You are a star, you sing brilliantly”, he claimed Ricky MontanerAnd as a reward for his tenacity in overcoming what the singers have in common, Muratore was chosen by the public as one of the team’s two semi-finalists. maui wai riki,

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