Hip-hop artist enraged after Pool called him “racist”


Thursday’s episode of Tim Pool’s podcast almost turned into a brawl.

On the show, Pool and guest Ryan A. Thorburn, better known as RA the Rugged Man, discussed racism.

At one point, RA accused Pool to “promote Derek Chauvin” and to excuse the men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery.

“Lives were lost by the police and you were there licking the fucking cops,” he said.

Also during the conversation, Pool, who often defends violent far-right extremists, claimed he was being sidelined for additional screenings at airports. The hip-hop artist RA was skeptical.

“I think it’s the beanie,” he joked at one point.

Pool then accused him of being “racist” and called him a “racist asshole”. Both men are white.

Things moved quickly after that.

In self-defense, Pool referred to the documentary he made about protests against the 2014 police shooting against Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Raising his voice, he said: “‘You have the nerve to come up to me and tell me that my experiences don’t matter in combat.” (Pool did not note that he made the documentary before his political views went 180 and he became a conservative commentator).

“Stop screaming, bitch,” RA replied in a calmer tone. “Stop screaming… I’m not that guy.

“Yes, you are. You are that guy,” Pool insisted.

RA jumped up from his seat, pushed the microphone away, cursing and shouting, “I’m not that guy!” and something about “fuck yourself”.

Later, the two calmed down, apologized and kissed.

Pool deleted the episode from their YouTube channel, but snippets of the most controversial part of their discussion nevertheless took to social media on Friday.

“RA Rapper The Rugged Man Loses It And Almost Attacks On-Air Podcast Host,” tweeted @nojumper.

The internet being the internet, that also inspired a meme.

Many enjoyed their conversation and credited them to apologize.

“It takes a strong man to admit you were irrelevant. A lot of respect ”, one responded to RA’s tweet.

Some Pool fans also attacked RA “So you admit you’re ‘that guy? “” noted a.

Others sided with RA.

“Tim Pool asking for smoke with RA the rugged man is how you know these alternative guys were brought up on the internet,” tweeted @andraydomise.

The two men tweeted statements on Friday noting that they have since reconciled. The pool said they “got heated” and “felt bad about it”. RA said it was “irrelevant”.

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* First published: December 17, 2021, 2:05 p.m. CST

Claire Goforth

Claire Goforth is a writer for the Daily Dot and covers all things politics and technology, with an emphasis on the far right and conspiracy theories.

Claire Goforth


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