Hip-hop artist Tadence talks about his upcoming EP


Upcoming artist, producer and CEO Tadence is currently preparing to release a new EP to give fans a more in-depth look at him as an artist and his life experiences.

Music today has become a blend of creative arts, innovative thinking, fast delivery, and smooth sounds. A combination of all these aspects can surely woo fans with talent to back it up. When you pronounce the word “Talent”, you must pronounce the name Tadence. The rapper, singer and producer continues to leave his mark.

Speaking to the talented rising star, he had a lot of insightful things to say about the upcoming release and what fans can expect from it. As well as the creative process during the realization of the EP. Take a moment to get to know the talented artist by watching his latest interview we did with the man himself below:

What’s new Tadence! How are you?
Do well! Excited for this interview, thanks for asking.

With so many talented artists these days releasing a high volume of music, how important is it for you to stay true to your creative process and take your time to design these projects?
My creative process is one of the most important things in my career. When I first started music I used to force myself to make beats and songs which ultimately made my songs decent but not to the best of my ability. How does my creative process work is that I have to be inspired. I might be just on the way home and some lyrics or a melody come to me at random. At this point, I rush home to write down exactly how I’m feeling. Then, I centralize this song on the main idea that I have. When I do this, I always get my best products.

For those who are discovering your music through this new EP, what do you want them to take away from it?
I want them to hear my stories, I want them to feel my pain, I want them to feel my love. I want them to hear my stories and think this is something they can relate to and know that they are not alone. I want my pain to become therapy for people.

It’s no secret that you’ve been making music for quite a while now. During your journey as an artist, what have been the most difficult things you have had to deal with along the way?
I’ve been making music since I was 13 in 8th grade. My biggest challenge has always been myself and mental health. Most of the time I tell myself that I don’t sound like other artists, so that must mean that I suck. Or I would get so depressed that I might think it’s not for me. When at the end of the day I want to be unique, I want people to hear something different. It was only recently that I got out of this state of mind. Now, of course, I’m still seriously depressed, but now how I get along is putting my feelings on paper and then doing a song or a beat. When I do that, it always becomes my best job.

There is usually a lot of art direction and specific themes for the projects coming out today, have you started making new music with a specific story or meaning behind it?
Yeah, actually my whole EP is about my struggles and how they impact my life. I’m talking about trauma, love and hate exclusively in this project. In short, it’s a way for me to go out while putting everything on the table.

How important is it for you to take time between your outings to find new inspiration in living life?
It is very important in my creative process. In most cases, I always know what I want to put in my music. Coming back to this love-hate and trauma theme. But inspiration for me comes in all ways. But with my music, I plan to space out each of these themes in each individual project because it doesn’t define me but is part of who I am.

Do you feel like you grew up as an artist with this new EP compared to the previous music? If so, what prompted you to take it to the next level?
I grew a lot in my music, I used to make music trying to copy other people’s style. But then I thought to myself. Instead of looking for a Russ type beat and thinking in that frame of mind to sound like my favorite artist. I would say you know what a Tadence type beat is. Let’s do like him. With this mindset my music has reached a whole new level.

As I’m sure you are aware, there is a wide range of artists who will have a strong influence on the city or state they grew up in due to the fact that former musicians laid the foundation for sound. which represents the region. Would you say there was an influence from the region you grew up in that you used for your music?
If I’m honest I don’t really take inspiration from a city, I’ve moved too much in my life to claim a city. My inspiration comes from my experiences and my personal life. Now that I reside and in the Houston area now. I know these are big shoes to fill. But I do know that one day when people think of an artist, they will think of me and how I will revolutionize musical culture in the region.

Compared to your new and old music, what do you hope your fans take away from this new EP?
It’s simple, I hope they hear my stories and are moved by life. I want them to know that you can fight as long as your future story is the best it can be.

With the EP being a shorter format Did you have any songs that didn’t make the EP If so, how many and which ones would you have liked to be able to do?
I certainly did, there was a song called In my Thoughts. That I originally wanted to release as the first track on Ep. But from a creative standpoint, I decided it would be better suited for an album I’m working on that will be released in 2022.

Did you collaborate with producers exclusively for the new EP?
On this EP there are still a few songs in the works, so I can’t say it’s official. But I can say that it is possible that Mias, a 15 year old dope producer in my company TGB Productions, has a song co-produced with myself or Ominence Beats also a producer in my company TGB Productions.

Can we expect any functionality on the EP?
There is a possibility of feature films on my EP but they will be exclusively from artists from my company TGB Productions.

Where can people connect with you and stream the new music once it’s officially released?
People can connect with me on my Instagram @ tadence_1
When this project is released, it will be available on all major platforms.


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