Hip Hop Bootcamp Raises Kids


CLEVELAND – Dr. “Live” Borders is a b-boy.

A breakdancer that is. So naturally, hip hop is an integral part of his life. So much so that he spent part of his Saturday afternoon teaching breakdance to a younger generation.

What would you like to know

  • Alien Arts Inc., is a non-profit organization that uses hip hop to raise children
  • The organization held its second annual Hip Hop training camp in Akron
  • The event included motivational speakers, performances, breakdance lessons, and arts and crafts activities.

“I watch the kids and see what they can learn and try not to bore them or whip them like it’s a sport or we have a competition or something,” Borders said. .

“We learned to move our legs and do the breakdancing turns. It was very cool and amazing to do it,” said camp participant Leila Evans.

These are the skills campers learn at the second annual Hip Hop Boot Camp hosted by Alien Arts Inc., a non-profit organization that uses hip hop culture to help children achieve excellence.

“I hope they can see a unity in it and know that hip hop music can come with an uplifting message rather than a message that destroys our communities,” said Ameer Williamson, founder of Alien Arts Inc. .

The kids heard motivational speakers, watched rap performances, and learned art and dance.

“I just enjoyed having fun and doing like the vibes,” Evans said.


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