Hip-hop can be used by anyone to express their feelings: Les Invisibles | Kolkata News

Recently, US-based hip-hop group The Invisibles traveled to Kolkata for two workshops and a live performance. Despite the uncomfortable weather, the five musicians found Kolkata as warm and loving as ever. The musicians were mostly from Detroit and Michigan.
The group visited the Kalighat temple on Monday morning and lyricist and activist Miz Korona found the Kali idol “rather beautiful”. For the rest of the group, the trip was spiritually uplifting. The musicians also discussed Kolkata’s street food.
Asked about the Indian hip-hop scene and how most of the songs are about shiny cars and beautiful women, Carl Hollier said, “The hip-hop trend is like a roller coaster. At some point something is popular, then after a few months something else becomes a hit.
Miz Korona said that while the art evolved from the streets of New York and practiced by those who “don’t have much,” many famous kids are now delivering great music. Despite their background, they do good hip-hop and that’s what matters,” she added.
For professional dancer and choreographer Hans Pierre, this art form is all about self-expression. “So anyone can use this art form and share what they need to say,” he added.
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