Hip Hop Star Alpha23 Opens Up About Scam Side Of Music Industry On New Single “SCAMZ”


“SCAMZ” by Alpha23

Alpha23 outside

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, October 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – It’s easy to be impressed with Alpha23 and its team. Atlanta fan favorite rapper is back with another hit! Only this time the blow is aimed at his enemies.

The multi-talented songwriter has spent the last + month working in beautiful, sunny California. Despite this, the recent streak of success has continued unabated and the streak remains intact with her new single “SCAMZ”, which is out now.

“SCAMZ” opens with a futuristic instrumental and a beat reminiscent of another recently released hit, “Ronin Kenshi”, as Alpha23 raps on the first line:

“I’m smart like crazy but I can’t lie. I’ve been scammed this year.”

On the track, he both directly and metaphorically sidesteps the more fraudulent side of today’s burgeoning music industry. The rapper points out that no matter how smart a person is, anyone who aggressively navigates this business will eventually come into contact with the less scrupulous operators in gaming today.

Listen to Alpha23’s entertaining post on the full track available here: “SCAMZ” – Alpha23

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