HipHop K Pop Group XG Teases Fans With 2nd Single “Mascara”

HipHop girl group XG releases teasers for their second single “Mascara” (Photo credit: IANS)

HipHop/R&B girl group XG has released stunning teasers for their second single “Mascara,” which will be released on June 29. XG is a septet made up of Jurin, Chisa, Harvey, Hinata, Juria, Maya and Cocona.

On March 18, they became the first artists to debut at XGALX, a global entertainment production company whose mission is to produce artists with a defined worldview, creating a culture of “bold” creativity. The name of the group, “XG”, stands for “Xtraordinary Girls”.

Starting with Jurin, the leader of XG, concept photos and teasers for each XG girl have been released since the 1st of this month. For the first single, Tippy Toes, we were treated to girls dressed all in black, portraying a refined and powerful image. ‘Mascara’ changes the mood, with a new look that gives girls a glamorous and sophisticated new look.

After exploding onto the scene with their debut single “Tippy Toes”, XG’s second single looks set to push the girls even further, with a whole slew of videos released ahead of the launch supporting the stunning single and music video.

“Mascara” is an anthem for the next generation, emboldened by confidence and compassion. ‘Mascara’ evokes strength, unity and the bonds of friendship. The bold challenge of the “don’t mess with my mascara” line captures XG’s fresh, fearless spirit.

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