How to Become a DJ by Music Artist Michael Ramos

How to Become a DJ by Music Artist Michael Ramos

With the popularity of electronic music as a new trend, DJs have also become famous artists, recognized for their musical style and their mixes. Michael Ramos is a well-known DJ who has been performing since 2000. He is the CEO of NuStyle Entertainment, a company that provides DJ services for weddings, birthdays, dances, club events and parties.

NuStyle follows Michael’s vision of performance and music. He started DJing when he was a high school student and opened a licensed business as soon as he became an adult. NuStyle consists of 3 DJs, 2 emcees and 3 promoters.

Michael has performed for various clients ranging from corporate events to weddings. It uses new technology, lighting and sounds for an unforgettable experience with the crowd.

DJ Michael became a DJ with the help of his uncle and his personal experiences. Here’s how you can become a professional DJ by Michael Ramos:

1. Choose the best equipment

The choice of equipment can strongly affect the style of DJing. As a new DJ, you have to choose your equipment. It should not be too complex or too simple. The kit should also include DJ software that you can use while performing mixes or adding effects.

Michael advises beginners to invest money in software as it is practical and authentic for DJing.

2. Choose a genre

DJs have one main genre they focus on. Some DJs focus on various genre mixes, with one main genre representing their identity to listeners. You can quickly identify the sounds of Major Lazer, Diplo or The Chainsmokers because they have one main musical genre they focus on.

DJ Michael says the first step to becoming a DJ is choosing a genre that suits you best. It may take some time to figure out your primary gender, but it should be prioritized.

3. Develop your contacts

Michael started his career as a DJ performing for college events and small parties. He is now a mainstream DJ hosting many large corporate events and nightclubs. Michael has increased his popularity through his connections.

You can also become a famous DJ if you develop contacts through interactions.

4. Publish demo mixes online

The Internet is the most common way to build a brand image. DJs must also have a brand reputation to be hired for events. Michael posts his mixes on Mixcloud to familiarize himself with his musical style.

Michael advises new DJs to post their demo mixes online. Online demos can help customers understand your style to invite you to parties.

5. Listen to DJs

A new DJ should research recent music trends to improvise in their own music. You become more aware of sounds and styles by listening to other DJs.

Michael is a recognized DJ from whom you can learn a lot about DJing. He has been performing for various events since 2000, so he is an expert in DJing.

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