Inch Chua shares new electronic pop single “Do I, Do I”


Singaporean musician Inch Chua has released a new single, ‘Do I, Do I’.

The track is a complex slice of electronic pop, Chua’s voice barely rising above a whisper – the silence later broken by an electric guitar solo. “Do I, Do I” evokes the “toxic and intoxicating feeling of being in an abusive bad romance – the push, the pull, the pleasure and the pain,” Chua, who performs by her first name, said in a statement. Press.

She added: “It is ultimately about the journey of mourning, of acceptance, of estrangement and of exiting a little stronger.”

Listen to “Do I, Should I” below:

“Do I, Do I” is the first track from Chua’s upcoming two-part EP, “Childish”. The first half of the project is slated for release in the fourth quarter of this year, while the second half is slated to arrive sometime in 2022.

The new single also ushers in a bilingual era for the musician: she will release a Mandarin version of the song, ‘欲擒故纵’, on July 2. A music video for ‘Do I, Do I’ will land a week later, and feature Chua performing dance choreography.

“This new era of me is really about trying new things and revisiting the things that bring me joy both musically and in life. I was never really a dancer, but I really enjoyed it. dance when no one is watching, ”she said of the upcoming clip.

Ahead of the release of “Do I, Do I,” Inch released a single titled “Wishful Thinking” with Singaporean singer-songwriter Jonny Ong in February. Last year she released three songs: ‘Flags’, ‘Taking Silence’ and ‘Peace, Love & Mistletoe’. His last project was “Letters To Ubin” from 2015.


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