Jabra Elite 7 Active headphones review: lightweight and easy headphones for fitness enthusiasts


The Elite 7 Active headphones from Danish brand Jabra are available in navy, black and mint shades and retail for Rs 14,999. They are sturdy, fit into a small charging case, and feature a rubberized outer surface for venting. humidity.

They were designed for fitness enthusiasts. Although they are big, they feel light. Headphones are recommended for light indoor training.

They can fall during intense physical activity outdoors, although their build quality and rubberized coating protect against damage in the event of a fall. The Elite 7 Active is the best for listening to music at 320 kbps or higher. For rock or metal fans, these are passable headphones if the file quality is above 320kbps.

For those who like electronic, pop or Indian film music, the bass is balanced and the music pleasant. YouTube playlists don’t sound as good on the Elite 7 Active as songs from streaming service providers. Headphones can last an average of a week if used for 30-45 minutes per day.

They can easily provide around 30 minutes of listening time after a 10 minute charge. Noise cancellation works well and a Jabra app can personalize the listening experience. The Elite 7 Active is durable, light on the ears, fits securely, and is ideal primarily for soft, electronic music.


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