Jack Harlow Reveals Kawhi Leonard’s Hilarious Story

As he prepared for his role in the reboot of White men can’t jump, rapper Jack Harlow got advice from NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard. The two New Balance ambassadors, Harlow and Leonard met for the first time recently, and some details of their conversation were revealed by the rapper.

“That’s shit. I first met him the other day,” Jack Harlow said when asked about Kawhi. “I just talked about life. I was curious about what his life was like. He was curious about mine. I told him about the movie I’m making. He told me I had to pack my package. because it’s ass.” Harlow said he thought Kawhi could give him valuable basketball advice as he prepared for his film role.

It’s always fun to get a glimpse of Kawhi Leonard and his intriguing personality, as the superstar striker rarely reveals much himself. According to his teammates, Kawhi Leonard is indeed a fun guy; however, without any social media, this side of him is rarely seen. This recent Complex Jack Harlow’s interview helped provide fans with some fun Kawhi Leonard content.

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While Kawhi missed the entire 2021-22 season with an ACL injury, he should be back to full health by the start of next season. In the meantime, the superstar is enjoying his offseason and giving advice to one of the biggest musical artists in the game right now.

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