Jan Blomqvist urges you to “carry on” with a new EP

Jan Blomqvist brings his talents to Armada Electronic Elements with the release of his latest three-track EP, To chase.

If there is a word that describes the sounds that Jan Blomqvist create is unmistakable. Since his first steps on the electronic music scene more than ten years ago, this artist who divides his time between Berlin and Ibiza has released beautiful albums such as Unplugged, released countless singles and played surreal performances around the world. Today, Jan Blomqvist is back Armada Music for the release of his latest body of work, the To chase PEwhich lands on Armada electronics sub-tag.

To chase is available now on all platforms and features three new pieces from the mind of Jan Blomqvist that are simply stunning. Leading the way is the EP’s title track which features vocals centered around struggling with the pain of a broken heart layered over an atmospheric backbeat that’s soulful to its core. Similar thematic elements present themselves in the two tracks that follow. Previously released single”Kaleidoscope colors» sees maybe mahri added to the mix to make it even more introspective, while “Same old roadis dripping with emotion that pairs perfectly with its swelling beat with just enough energy to snap you out of your pensive state of mind.

Those heading to ADE this year will also be delighted, as Jan Blomqvist has revealed that this new release will be the basis for his new live show concept which will be presented in showcases across Amsterdam. Check out his upcoming show schedule if you’re making the trip to this massive week for dance music – you won’t want to miss him when he hits the stage.

To listen To chase on Spotify or your favorite platform, and let us know your thoughts on this release by leaving us a comment on Twitter!

Stream Jan Blomqvist – To chase on Spotify:

Jan Blomqvist– To chase – List of tracks:

  1. To chase
  2. Kaleidoscope colors
  3. Same old road

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