Jaya Lesedi’s R&B and soul track, ‘My Angel’, is impressive in its emotion, delicacy and soul.

‘My angel’ by Jaya Lesedi has all the elements of R&B and soul music. The Georgian RnB singer throws listeners into the flow of emotion, delicacy and soul.

Jaya Lesedi

JA few minutes ago I listened to the last song, ‘My angel’ by Jaya Lesedi. She seems to be one of the most promising artists of her time. The kind of aura I felt through her voice is flawless and enveloping. His consistency and dedication were vivid in the song. Her voice brought the song to life. His handling of range, scale and tone is versatile and it’s hard to find nooks and crannies in his song. Her previous releases set the expectations high for this song, and she managed to maintain the high standards.

Even her singing left a lasting impression on listeners. Due to the versatility of her voice, the Georgian RnB singer raised the bar for other contemporaries. The soulful voice is always refreshing and cherished. Plus, the writing is impeccably large and touches hearts in a unique way. So, I would highly recommend this song to everyone, especially R&B lovers. So listen to the song, ‘My angel’ on sound cloud. To know her better, follow Jaya Lesedi on his official Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Spotifyand she official site.

“My Angel” by Jaya Lesedi is now on SoundCloud:


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