kaptcha unveils its new compilation, ‘xenolith v2.0’ – News

The Portuguese collective kaptcha has unveiled its latest compilation, ‘xenolith v2.0’.

Released this week, it follows on from ‘xenolith v1.0’, which dropped in October 2021.

Featuring residents and some of their favorite artists and musicians such as Peach, Kerox and ketia, the record has been described as a “post-apocalyptic gathering of effort by mutual agreement and enthusiasm to come together as a means to heal and dream of a sweeter future”. after “long periods of physical distancing and alienation”.

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The record has been a huge success, raising €1200 in donations to Lisbon’s transgender and non-binary community CASA T so far, the first shelter focused on transvestite immigrants in the city of Lisbon. They also promote actions of intervention and dialogue between LGBTQIAPNB+ people, immigrants and/or racialized people and their housing and health needs, favoring their integration into the labor market in Lisbon.

The collective decided to make the “xenolith” compilation a series to continue their charitable efforts, with proceeds once again going to CASA T.

v2.0 is a showcase of thoughts, futures and feelings experienced over the past two years, materialized “through sound and vibration”, involving a global array of artists to articulate these emotions.

Those involved include D. Tiffany, Yazzus and DJ Fuckoff – who describes his song as a love story, created during a “hard process of dealing with a breakup”.

“Now he has found his perfect place,” she added.

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